Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sundown run

before the race started (with my very supportive husband)
i'm in the middle
marathon runners, and they started at midnight. aargh.
I finished the run at exactly midnight, I clocked in 1 hour 17 minutes for a 10km run which is not too bad for my pace. I would usually walk after every few kilometers during my workout runs but for this race I just wanted it to be over and done with so I didn't stop to walk, a few times I didn't even stop for a water break. For me, the run wasn't properly organized and there was a lack of courtesy among the runners. For the organizers, they should have known that there were too many runners so they could have split us up into 2 waves with a 15 minute interval between the waves to avoid that much congestion. And what made it worse was that a lot of runners were very inconsiderate, the slow runners were walking on the right side of the road. It was quite dangerous trying to squeeze myself to get past and overtake the chatting walkers, and some were even using their phones! Some were having their photos taken at the kilometer markers and I heard from a friend some were even updating their facebook status (just reached 5km!). Simon said he couldn't get near the finish line so I only saw him a few meters after I finished. It is a bit sad because I've always liked it when I can hear all the cheers from the supporters/runners who've already finished when approaching the finish line which makes me sprint faster towards it. On the positive side, I was able to do 26,000 steps that day for my GCC (hurray!) and the light sticks glow in the dark bracelets that they gave us before the race were very cool - Ayesha even had fun playing with them the next night.

PS. Thanks Tita Anetski for babysitting the muppet. Mwa!

*** Update : So I got this email from the Sundown organizer to complete a post-event survey, and I thought that's great I can at least tell them what I thought about the race. It turned out the stupid form won't let me submit my input unless I give my annual salary range and the brand of my shoes/eyewear/vehicle/etc??? And where did I purchase my running shoes from?? I've put "none of your business" in some of the required fields, it's just really frustrating and I swear 'll never run in this sundown event again.

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who else? said...

sasabihin ko sana maarte ka lang e. pero kadiri nga ang dami ng tao. yak.
i-submit mo pa rin yan! ilagay mo nga ung none of your business. translate mo pa - pake mo?! hahaha!

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