Friday, June 01, 2012

Flat tires and 10,000 steps a day

On my way to the parking lot the other day, I bumped into my teammates Gary and Gary Jr (yes, they are father and son!). Usually I would just wave bye and go straight to my car because I have to get my daughter but I was feeling chatty so we just talked nonsense for awhile. Turned out I was very lucky because Gary Jr saw that I had a flat tire - I probably would have missed that and just drove off. Anyway, I didn't know how to change a flat tire so I was thinking of maybe just leaving the car and getting a cab but these 2 guys opened the car boot and in less than 5 minutes removed my tire and told me we could have it vulcanized downstairs (lucky again that our parking lot is a building full of autoshops). So this guy from the autoshop just pulled out the screw, digged the hole in the tire, squeezed some glue to seal the inner tube hole and inflated the tire (I think that's what happened) and all for 8 dollars only! In the end, I even managed to get Ayesha on time so no late fine this time!

Men in red to the rescue!
at the autoshop
I just realized I have to learn to change a flat tire so I need to ask Simon to give me a hands-on lesson once he's back(he's in India again).


I was also wearing red that day because we planned a pictorial for this 16-week challenge we joined in at work, it's called Global Corporate Challenge wherein our goal is to at least do 10,000 steps a day. According to their website, "The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is the world’s largest corporate health program and the only of its kind with independently proven results. It is proven to improve staff health and wellness, promoting teamwork, reducing absenteeism, and creating a culture of resilience across entire organisations." So far, the challenge has been running for a week now and we're doing great and meeting the 10k steps a day except for last night. I fell asleep and only did 7,000 steps, and yes this morning I received a lot of grief from my teammates.

Transporters team (the boring pose)

a wackier pose

I was proposing we all kick for our group photo (because we are the Transporters) but we didn't have a good camera. I look like a witch here haha.

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