Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday morning with muppet

One of the things I miss doing since muppet arrived is waking up late on weekends. As usual, yesterday she woke up just after 7am and won't let me sleep anymore, I thought some walking will do us both some good so we headed to the nearby library. I reckoned it would also be fun to see her go crazy with so many books, the last time we brought her there was a disaster when she vomited all over the carpeted floor. When we got there, the library was still closed - they open at 10am so I decided to wait at the Gelato cafe next to it. The cafe is called "Scoops of Art" and you can do all sorts of art projects there, they sell canvas and paints and other mini art kits and while waiting for our waffle with caramel banana and lemon gelato (yum!), the waitress gave us an activity placemat and crayons to play with. The muppet enjoyed playing with the crayons and eating her banana and gelato but when she started to try eating the crayons, I knew it was time to go.


waffle for breakfast!

The muppet was fascinated with all the books but she got distracted with all the people around and so she was more interested to run around and gawk at other kids. She also wanted to eat the stones inside the pot of plants - what a muppet - so it wasn't really the library experience I was expecting hehe. In the end, she pooped and got tired and didn't want to walk anymore so I quickly borrowed some books and carried the snoring muppet all the way to our house with the heavy books!


Trying to get the woman's attention

Tried to read but failed


The books I borrowed :)

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