Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Running again

I foolishly signed up for a 10k run on April fool's day. With less than 1 month to train, I asked Anetski and Ayie to join my first run in months in Marina Barrage. I tried and really ran for the first 25 minutes but I had to stop because I was so hungry, when I met Ayie and Anetski they too were hungry so we decided to give up running and just look for a place to eat. Simon and the muppet were waiting for us at the Marina Barrage's rooftop.

I suggested to have dinner at our favorite turkish resturant in East Coast and that's where we found out that it was their last night in East Coast :(. They're going to tear down the entire Marine Cove(McDonalds, Scruffy Murphy's, Beach Hut, Coffee Bean, etc) which is quite sad because we always hang out here after a run or a bike ride in East Coast. There is a small amusement park with kiddie rides next to the turkish place so one of us would take muppet for a 1 dollar ride in one of the cars and she enjoyed it! Maybe too much that she demanded to stay there haha.

No more! The car just stopped moving.

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