Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's not easy being green

I got these shiny green shoes months ago but I never got to wear them until today. Now I know why avoided wearing them, they were as uncomfortable as hell! They squeezed my toes and digged on my skin and I swear I'll never wear them ever again. When I dropped off muppet at her school though, one teacher exclaimed "nice shoes" haha they may be pretty but they're lethal. Anyway, muppet's teacher told me Ayesha is a "jealous one". She said the muppet loves to sit on a teacher's lap and when she sees another baby sitting on a teacher's lap, she would try and sit on the lap as well. And at the start of a reading session, when the teacher's just about to sit on the floor the muppet will run very fast so she'll be the one sit on the teacher's lap. Haha what a muppet.

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