Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

It's Dr. Seuss birthday today and muppet is wearing her Cat in the hat dress. Two Christmases ago, Tita Anet gave to muppet her first Seuss books "Green eggs and ham" and "Oh, the places you'll go" and she love those books to bits. Since then, I got her "Cat in the hat", "Green eggs and ham" the full version, "ABC" and "Hop on pop" and her current favorite is "Hop on pop". Okay, so Grandad Jack thinks the book is a bit dodgy with Pat sitting on a bat and Red, Ned, Ted and Ed sleeping in one bed but muppet enjoys the rhymes and she laughs whenever I read it to her. And yes, Simon thinks "Oh, the places you'll go" is one of the scariest and darkest books because it describes how one will fail, and be lonely and alone and face monsters but the muppet loves it and she doesn't mind that it is such a long read. So, happy birthday Dr. Seuss and thank you for writing such funny and silly books! Maybe next year I'll try and cook some green eggs and ham!
“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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