Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bag lady

During our holiday in Thailand last week, I left my bag on the floor while I was taking a photo of a geyser. The muppet tried to snatch my bag and carry it but it was too heavy for her so we promised to get her a bag once we reach Pai. On our last night in Pai, Grandad Jack bought her one! Since then, Ayesha and her bag have been inseparable (okay except when I give her a bath and bedtime). At first, we've just put in some snacks for her but later on I've added a bib, a cloth, a nappy, mini baby wipes and face cream (it was so cold in North Thailand that her face was almost all red) - so yes she's almost self-contained now. And now that we're back in Singapore, she even takes her bag to school!

Muppet with her bag in Pai

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