Monday, February 27, 2012

5 days of muppet

Simon was in India last week for 5 days so I promised to send him photos of muppet everyday, I actually promised to send him one in the morning and one at night. Getting a photo of a toddler that wouldn't stay still is no easy feat so I barely managed to get one decent photo a day, actually some are even blurred but Simon loved them all! 

Monday night. This is her staring at herself in the lift lobby mirror. She even kisses the mirror :)

Tuesday night. Muppet trying out the monkey bars in the nearby park. She manages to hold on to the bars on her own for a few seconds before letting go :)

Wednesday night. Muppet enjoying a short visit to the mall, we were waiting for our frozen yogurt here.

Thursday morning. My mom just taught her to stick out her tongue when we say "tongue".

Friday morning. Muppet woke up in a good mood.

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