Monday, February 27, 2012

5 days of muppet

Simon was in India last week for 5 days so I promised to send him photos of muppet everyday, I actually promised to send him one in the morning and one at night. Getting a photo of a toddler that wouldn't stay still is no easy feat so I barely managed to get one decent photo a day, actually some are even blurred but Simon loved them all! 

Monday night. This is her staring at herself in the lift lobby mirror. She even kisses the mirror :)

Tuesday night. Muppet trying out the monkey bars in the nearby park. She manages to hold on to the bars on her own for a few seconds before letting go :)

Wednesday night. Muppet enjoying a short visit to the mall, we were waiting for our frozen yogurt here.

Thursday morning. My mom just taught her to stick out her tongue when we say "tongue".

Friday morning. Muppet woke up in a good mood.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Missing muppet

It's getting harder and harder to leave the muppet now and go to work. In the mornings, she would cry really hard when I leave her with my mom. My mom told me though that she'll stop crying as soon she gets distracted, like when a passing neighbor smiles at her. At night when I arrive home from work she would get all clingy and would not let me out of her sight so most of the time she's with me even at the toilet when I pee(hehe) or when I change my clothes. I wonder how other working moms deal with this? Sometimes I just want to resign and play with the muppet all day.

Muppet getting ready for her morning walk. She likes to wear this hat.

And she's carrying my mom's handbag here hehe

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank you!

So our morning didn't start quite right with you finding out that muppet's poo leaked everywhere inside her cot but not before you took her out of the cot and getting the poo all over you. :) I had to give the muppet a quick shower while you clean her cot. 

And now you just called me to say you're not feeling well and the muppet might have given you the diarrhea, not having a great day then eh? But you still got my mom some flowers and that's just very sweet! So thanks and happy valentine's day taba! :)
The "thank you" card is a spin-off of our wedding invite. I asked Stefanie of Etsy to add the muppet and make Simon chubbier :) 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ang lola at apo

This is what I found when I got home last night. The muppet was tailing my mom everywhere, she was even demanding to have a look at what my mom is cooking haha. So my parents are here for a month and I finally get a bit of a breather. They take the muppet to school and fetch her, they cook for us, they play with the muppet so I finally have some free time for myself. Maybe I should burn their passports so they'll be stuck here longer? :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bag lady

During our holiday in Thailand last week, I left my bag on the floor while I was taking a photo of a geyser. The muppet tried to snatch my bag and carry it but it was too heavy for her so we promised to get her a bag once we reach Pai. On our last night in Pai, Grandad Jack bought her one! Since then, Ayesha and her bag have been inseparable (okay except when I give her a bath and bedtime). At first, we've just put in some snacks for her but later on I've added a bib, a cloth, a nappy, mini baby wipes and face cream (it was so cold in North Thailand that her face was almost all red) - so yes she's almost self-contained now. And now that we're back in Singapore, she even takes her bag to school!

Muppet with her bag in Pai

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