Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Raiding mummy's wardrobe!

This is what I found on my phone today! :) Apparently, while I was still in the shower this morning, Simon caught the muppet pulling clothes from my closet. So he let her have fun inside it while he took these cute photos!



I think she wants to try it on?

Stuck in a 1970's wardrobe (that's how Simon describes my clothes)

Simon has been accusing me that when he met me I own 2 dresses, that's it. But now I own hmmm... let's just say - quite a lot. I even have dresses hanged in the guestroom because they won't fit in our bedroom anymore. And let's not start with all the dresses that won't fit me anymore. So Ayesha if you can read this, someday all these will be yours :).

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