Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello new year!

It's new year's eve and I've been trying to do some spring cleaning but I'm failing miserably. Simon and the muppet just got back from the barbershop, and the muppet just sat on Simon's lap while the barber was cutting his hair. She even tried to pick some of the hair and feed it to Simon haha. I wish I'd seen it or even just a photo of it. Anyway, she liked the barber and his shaver and his scissors so I think we'll have no problem when the time comes to take her to her first haircut. I wonder when will that be? Her hair's still very short and wispy.

It has been an incredible year for us (getting married finally! and Ayesha turning one) so thank you 2011! :)

Happy new year every one!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Why am I still working??

It's the last working day of the year and only a handful of people are here in our cold cold office. They're letting us off at 3pm but it seems like time is really moving so slow. To pass the time, I tried to eat this gingerbread man that HR gave us but I felt sorry for it and oh yeah it tasted like cardboard. I remember when I bought my nephew Johnzen a Spongebob Squarepants chocolate lollipop but he couldn't bear to eat it because he liked Spongebob too much, in the end he just ate the edges of the lollipop hehe.

Leave me alone Lala! (I'm definitely bored at work)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Balloon girl

This is what happens when you give a dozen helium-filled balloons to the muppet:

Simon's reaction is priceless haha

walking around with the balloon strings wrapped around her

the muppet

Daddy trying to untangle her

It was Zoe's fun-filled 1st birthday party yesterday (we met her parents from a Hypnobirth class). More cute photos later but back to work for me for now. (Hurrah for blogger iphone app!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Be a man... smoke cigars

Okay, I admit it, I'm an online shopping addict. I just love it how I can get stuff from anywhere in the world these days as long as you have a a paypal account. Last year while planning my wedding, I discovered Etsy. They mostly sell handmade goods and I got everything from our wedding invites to my wedding dress there. A few weeks ago while looking for a christmas present for Simon, I saw this brilliant and funny pair of cufflinks and I knew Simon would love it. I couldn't wait for christmas to give him the cufflinks so as soon as the mail arrived, I handed him the package and yesterday he was happily wearing them.

I got them from noveltycufflinks for 13sgd and they offer free worldwide shipping. Perfect! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

To pierce or not to pierce

"Hello little boy!"

"Cute baby boy!"

"Boy or girl? Really she's a girl? Oh looks like a boy to me.."

So these are just some of the comments from strangers that Ayesha get sometimes, sometimes even when she's wearing pink or a dress. So what if she's still a bit bald and most of the time I dress her up in leggings and shirts (it's cold in the infant care!)? Anyway, she's happy as as long she gets attention from strangers and Simon and I don't care either. Sometimes we will get suggestions to get her ears pierced so people will know immediately that she's a girl. I don't think that's a good enough reason to get one. There's no rush, I want her to have that choice when she's old enough to think that she wants one. She might drag me or her dad or her friends to get her ears pierced and I'll be thrilled to get her a dainty pair of earrings when that day comes.  

She was at a children's day event at Simon's office when I took this photo,  a lady just called her "little boy" hehe. And yes, Tita Jao taba was here. Thanks for the Sumatran tiger, Tita Jao!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Raiding mummy's wardrobe!

This is what I found on my phone today! :) Apparently, while I was still in the shower this morning, Simon caught the muppet pulling clothes from my closet. So he let her have fun inside it while he took these cute photos!



I think she wants to try it on?

Stuck in a 1970's wardrobe (that's how Simon describes my clothes)

Simon has been accusing me that when he met me I own 2 dresses, that's it. But now I own hmmm... let's just say - quite a lot. I even have dresses hanged in the guestroom because they won't fit in our bedroom anymore. And let's not start with all the dresses that won't fit me anymore. So Ayesha if you can read this, someday all these will be yours :).

Monday, December 05, 2011

North east run (or walk - same same leh)

So I was late again. And I was slow. And I had the worst stitch at 2km. And I walked a couple of times. But I finished it! And okay, 7k is really not impressive but I'll get there. Soon, I hope.

My support crew(Simon, the muppet and Granddad Jack). Ayesha's even wearing my finisher's medal :)

Ayesha meets Yumi (Joey's daughter)

Traffickers without Otep (he said he had to work until morning before the run. hmmm)

So this is our last run for this year, and we're planning to run a 10km for our next one. I was planning to run a full marathon last year (and drag Simon with me) but I got pregnant, I wonder if I can attempt to do it next year? In my case, the best motivation is to sign up for one and so I'll be forced to train. I just want to do it once, see how it feels to finish one. I was talking to a friend just now, and he ran the Standard Chartered marathon yesterday barefoot! Actually, he was wearing sandals for the first 20km and barefoot up to the finish line. I guess he wanted to do something different since he was yearly joining that run. Wow right? But I don't know, a girl from work just asked me if I was pregnant again. She said I look like one because I'm wearing this silly dress haha. Hmm I can't think of a better excuse for not running a marathon next year...

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