Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One rainy tuesday morning, I was still sleeping when I got this call from Jao:

Lala:     Hello? Jao? Why are you calling me at this time??? What time is it? Where are you? (still very disoriented)

Jao:      What? Why are you still sleeping? Wake up! It's 7:30! Anyway I called you even though it might kill me because I'm listening to the radio and they're playing your wedding song. Hehe can you hear it? (She's driving, by the way. And I think she was giggling.)

Lala:     Yes, I can hear it! (I can hear Regina Spektor singing "Us" in the background) Okay, concentrate on your driving and let me go back to sleep! Thanks for calling! Mwa!

I wasn't able to go back to sleep because I was gonna be late for work. And that call woke me up, I love getting out-of-the-blue phone calls like that. Sometimes I even get a phone call/text from her when there's a full moon or when she's wearing a shirt I made fun of previously (it was floral and had lace and ruffles and feathers so she deserved it!).

Anyway, I was driving the other night when the radio played "Kiss me" by Six pence none the richer. The band played this song on our wedding too when my mom and Simon's dad and Ayesha and all the flower girls/ page boys/ bridesmaids/ maid of honor were walking down the aisle. It might sound cornball and all, but it was one of the happiest days of our lives. So I don't know what's stopping us from watching our wedding video. It was shipped via Fedex from Boracay and arrived 2 weeks ago, but now it's just sitting next to the TV. The videographers sent us an edited 1-hour video of the wedding and 8 unedited DVDs! They even made a great job with our on-site video, at the start Simon & I didn't want to get one(we were cringing at the thought of forcing everybody to watch me apply make up or Simon putting on his pants etc) but my maid of honor Jao convinced us on the day before the wedding to get it. Simon even chose the song ("Us") to be used for the video on the wedding day itself.


So here's our wedding onsite video that until now still makes me smile, even Ayesha loves watching it! By the way(if you weren't there at the wedding), at the start of the video I was shouting "Ay no! Not yet! Sorry!" because I got carried away that I kissed Simon after saying my wedding vows. Then I remembered I wasn't supposed to kiss him yet. Hehe.

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