Friday, November 04, 2011


They did warn us that once Ayesha starts to go into infant care, she will get sick. She'll be exposed to more kids thus more germs, and she can even get colds up to 12 times a year! We thought we were ready for it, we said she'll be immune to a lot virus/germs early on. Well, she got her first fever on her 3rd day at school. And I think since then, she almost always had a snotty nose. 3 fevers to be exact, and 2 diarrhea. She's actually at the infant care right now but in solitary confinement because she got loose stools which might be diarrhea. The teacher told me she'll probably cry because she can't play with the other kids, poor kid :(.

What we didn't expect though was whenever she gets sick, either Simon or I or both of us will catch her virus too. Ugh. Sniff sniff.

Ayesha with a cold patch on her forehead (with Lola)

nurse checking her bp at KK Hospital

waiting for the doctor at KK

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Jao said...

solitary confinement?! anu ba!

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