Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's get physical!

Dear Abs,

It's been a year now since I gave birth, but look at you - you are still flabby! Last week on the beach, you didn't look cute at all. Even carrying Ayesha while in my swimsuit couldn't hide you anymore - you were just all over the place. I want my old toned abs back!


And I also want my old belly button back, this one still looks weird.


Yes, now that the little one is not so little anymore, it's time to go back to my old workout routine. I used to workout 3x a week on average but now I just don't seem to have the time anymore. And I'm lazy. And it's so much fun to spend time with Ayesha than work my butt off.

I know I have to make time for it or I'll never shake off this extra weight. And I used to genuinely enjoy cycling/swimming/running/yoga so it should be easy to just tie my hair back, wear the now-quite-tight dri-fit clothes and just do it. Well, 3 months ago I got the chance and the much needed push when our company sponsored me and 3 guys at work to join a charity 5k run. For 2 months before the event, we were running at least twice a week and I almost felt normal again. I would get thursday nights and weekend mornings to run while Simon baby sits. (He gets friday nights to go to the pub so he's happy too.)

Our target was to finish the 5k run in 30 minutes but 2 weeks before the run, I adjusted my target to 35 minutes. Even before getting pregnant anyway I was a slow runner. I can only  finish 10k in 1 hour 15 minutes before, so 5k in 35 minutes is a pretty decent time for me. The day of the race came, and I went for a quick toilet break first before stretching but when I came back they've already started the race! So I just ran after them without even stretching haha. It was a fun morning though, and even if I started slow I tried to sprint to the last 1 km and overtake a few runners. One girl took up my challenge and we raced up to the finish line, we even gained some applause from the crowd. It was a nice surprise then when I saw that the girl was Gea, a kababayan I climbed with on a few mountains in Malaysia.

Red bull & banana to jump start the day
The bonggang bonggang traffickers (traffic team runners). Probably too much picture-taking at the start that's why I didn't have time to stretch

"Bakit masikip sa 'kin? Atska nakakasakal?" Otep was asking Nilo why his event shirt felt too tight  on the neck. He was wearing his shirt wrong way round haha.

running buddies Nilo, Joey & Otep

Fast forward: we got too excited after this run so we immediately signed up for another run. We chose a 7k run and it's gonna be this Sunday already. I didn't get to train at all though (Ayesha got sick, and we went back to Philippines for her birthday, and it's raining everyday in Singapore and you can't run in the rain or you'll get sick, etc etc etc), my last run was more than a month ago and it was the 5k charity run. So we'll see this Sunday, maybe if I suffered enough, the fats in my tummy will just die and melt away.

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