Friday, November 11, 2011

happy friday!

This photo was taken exactly 2 months ago at Bukit Timah Saddle Club when we celebrated Ayie's birthday. It is one of my favorite photos of her, she just looks so happy! I'm certainly looking forward to this weekend because the past few days with Ayesha have sapped all my energy - just imagine being vomited, pooped, peed at and cleaning up all the mess as well. Anyway if I had a tough time, poor kid must have had the worst week ever and it was her birthday! We've also finally experienced being the parents of a wailing baby on a plane and we were traumatised! She had diarrhea and she was tired and she pooped and it leaked on Simon's pants and she HATES having her nappy changed - anyway you get the picture. I used to think it annoying when I find myself sitting next to a crying baby on a plane but now that I have Ayesha, I can sympathise. Okay, I'll probably still be a bit ticked off but I'll understand.

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