Thursday, November 24, 2011

Diving? Don't forget to bring petroleum jelly!

So I didn't take this amazing photo, but I saw something like it 2 weeks ago in Bohol. Actually, in my mind what I saw was more impressive than this. It was our first dive in the very rich and healthy coral reef of Balicasag dive site, visibility was good, we've already seen a few turtles and a lot of colorful tropical fishes when we just bumped into this huge tornado of jackfish. They were feeding, and didn't care that we were so close to them. I was so happy and started clapping and when I looked at Simon - he was already doing his happy dance. I used to bring an underwater camera on our dives, but I've decided to just enjoy the dive on our recent ones. I sort of regretted not bringing it but hey we've seen it! And if we want to see it again, we'll just have to go back to Bohol!

Anyway, as usual I got seasick again and started getting dizzy when we were doing our safety stop. Once we surfaced the water, I threw up my fried corned beef breakfast. I always assume I'll outgrow my motion sickness but now I think it will never go away so Bonamine should be on my to bring list together with petroleum jelly for every dive trip. And yes, back to the title of this post - I always have this problem with my unruly hair getting inside my mask. I tie it and clip it but some hair will escape and try to unseal my mask. Well, in our dive boat I saw this girl asking her husband to apply petroleum jelly to her hair along the sideburns and just about anywhere near the mask. I read some divers with mustache use this technique as well so water won't seep into their mask. I'll definitely try this next time.

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