Thursday, November 03, 2011


She's turning 1 on Monday! I didn't want to organize anything fancy for her birthday - no clowns/magicians/kiddie games/balloons/pink everything so we decided to go the beach instead. Her granddads, grandma, 3 aunts and 2 cousins are coming too so it's all good. (I can finally use my never been used Suunto D4 that Jao got me last 2009)

Her granddad Jack just arrived from Burnley this week and he brought loads of gifts from Simon's relatives. This is his second time to visit Ayesha, and last time his luggage was full of presents as well. Ayesha can't appreciate opening the gifts yet but I can picture a few years from now how excited she'll be everytime granddad Jack visits her. :)

the birthday girl

birthday loot!

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