Friday, July 15, 2011


She turned 8 months last week. She hated her cot before but lately she loves staying in it. She would pull herself up by holding onto the cot railings and stand. She's even cruising now - that's a new word I learned from a baby website which means taking steps from side to side while holding onto something for balance. The other day she thought she didn't need daddy's hand for support and decided to let go and walk on her own. She fell of course and twisted her left wrist, and refused to use her injured hand for almost the entire night. We were naturally worried and at around 3am in the morning decided to take her to a nearby hospital. Turned out nothing's broken and after a few more hours, she got bored with just lying down inside her cot and started pulling herself up again.

I guess this is just the beginning of many falls, bruises, bumps and tears and yes, there's nothing we can do but support and cheer her on. :)

Ayesha standing 
photo of her taken by Simon this morning


Chel said...

cute talaga ni ayesha! keep on writing about your super huggable, unstoppable, always smiling baby hehe. love to see her photos. mwa!

Anonymous said...

mana sa nanay nyang unbreakable? :)

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