Sunday, October 31, 2010

34 weeks!

Okay, so I've been neglecting this blog. But with 6 only weeks to go before the baby pops out, we've been really busy and I've been too lazy to post anything.

What's new with the baby:
  • He's been in a head-down position since our week 28 check-up, with his butt sticking out on my left side. It's the perfect position for him and hopefully he'll just stay there.
  • He has the hiccups everyday! Sometimes up to 3x a day. And it's so cute to see my tummy jumping when it happens :)
  • 2 weeks ago, his weight was 1.9 kilos! The doctor said it's the perfect weight. Yay! Simon's iphone application says he's now the size of a pineapple :)
  • He kicks quite hard now. Simon has this game now where he taps my tummy and the baby kicks him
  • He has a sleep/awake routine now and he's awake during the day. Usually he wakes me up around 7:30am (but I ignore him and carry on sleeping) and he moves so much when I'm working. Maybe he wants me to stop working already?:)

What's new with me:

  • As what can be obviously seen in the picture below, I'm huge! 2 weeks ago, I've already gained 14 kilos! I dread to think what is my weight now. If I stand straight and look down, I cannot see my feet anymore. In fact, I haven't seen my groin for months now haha
  • My belly button has totally popped out. Sometimes friends touch my bump and I freak out when they accidentally touch it. (they freak out as well)
  • My bump has been sporting the "linea negra" for sometime now. It's a dark vertical line running along my bump. It looks weird especially when I go swimming.
  • I started feeling pelvic pains since around week 20, it has gotten worse unfortunately. It is excruciatingly painful to get in and out of bed, cars, chairs. Even climbing the stairs and walking is hard work :(. My midwife says it's not uncommon and will go away a few weeks after the baby's birth. Whew! And she said it is quite good since the relaxin hormone which causes my pelvic pain will open up and stretch everything in preparation for labour.
  • I get the Braxton Hicks contractions often now. My bump will suddenly tighten for sometime but it is never painful. 
  • Sleep is not that easy to do now, peeing so many times during the night doesn't help. And I'm fed up with sleeping on my left side. I can't wait to sleep on my back or even better on my tummy again! 
  • I have to admit it is quite uncomfortable and I feel fat and awkward but I wouldn't trade this for anything. And 6 weeks is really not that far off right? :)

    And since they don't call me "The Flasher" for nothing, here's my bump:

    We just finished our prenatal class today, the 12th session! (6 antenatal classes from Raffles Hospital,  5 Hypnobirth classes, 1 Breastfeeding class) and Simon is so relieved. He's really been so good and supportive but I think he's reached his limit. He even wrote our birth plan the other night (I'm so proud!) which we need to give to our midwife this week.


    jao said...

    O-M-G!!! You are HUUUUUGE, man!


    i miss you na :(

    teacherbess said...

    lapit na, la! I gave birth to tanya on my 35th week--hehe..pero si nathan past 40 weeks, almost 41 weeks pa. We hope to see you before the baby pops out. :)

    knottydon said...

    parang tyan ko lang. bwahahaha!

    miss na kita, Laaaaa!!!

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