Friday, September 24, 2010

Shopping for baby!

We've finally started shopping stuff for the baby! We first went to Ikea to have a look (and I wanted a plateful of meatballs) but we had no idea what should we buy so we just window-shopped. Should we buy a painted cot? or a natural wood one? What kind of mattress should we get? Do we really need a changing table? The cots on display looked crowded with all those pillows and blankets and bumper and mobile thing-y, but they were all so cute!

Simon looking clueless

I think he's scared

After weeks of researching, we bought a cot bed from Ebay. It's a second-hand one from Mothercare and if you buy it brand new with the mattress and mattress protector and bed sheets and blankets, it would cost more than a 1000sgd! Imagine that! 30,000+ pesos for a baby's bed! Anyway I got it cheap :).  Next one on my list was baby clothes, we didn't want to get expensive ones because the baby will just outgrow them very quickly so I bought them from Ebay as well. I now have a box almost full of very cute baby onesies and sleepers and hats and mittens. I don't know how a pair of baby socks can make me happy but they just do! One time, I showed a romper with tiny blue hippo prints to Simon and he was shocked. Like he was about to cry - that kind of shock. He was never like that when we go for ultrasound scans, I guess it hit him that time that we're gonna have a baby very soon.

Some of the baby clothes we got. It's not so easy getting clothes if you don't know whether the baby's a girl or a boy but he won't complain anyway (my guess is a boy, and Simon's betting it's a girl)

We soon got a car seat. And some soft baby toys, cloth books and a play mat. I also ordered a couple of baby guide books and dvds. Simon is going on a work trip to UK next month and everything's way cheaper there so he's gonna get us a breast pump, a stroller and a car seat base.

the cot bed and mattress still not assembled, a box full of baby clothes and blankets, a car seat

So that's what keeps me busy these days. In just 11 more weeks, the baby's gonna be here! :)


tita jao said...

yey! let's fix the cot when i'm there week after next! :)

xieurx said...

lala, nice! ang dami nyong cute stuff! :)

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