Sunday, August 22, 2010

Switch to Waterbirth

It was the fourth session of our prenatal class in Raffles Hospital, the lecturer was discussing all about epidurals and episiotomy, vacuums and forceps in the delivery room, and other scary pain relief when I realized if I want to go through a natural childbirth - I should prepare myself more. Reading all the books I can get my hands on, attending the pre-natal classes with Simon and the occassional yoga probably won't be enough. So after a few days of research, talking to a midwife and doctor from NUH, doulas from ParentLink and even attending a Natural Birth Forum, I've decided I want to try waterbirth in NUH (Only 2 hospitals in Singapore support waterbirth - NUH and Mt. Alvernia and only 4 doctors in Singapore do it). Simon said he'll support whatever I want so I'm very happy - he was at first not very convinced especially the part about getting a doula (A doula is a labour supporter that offers reassurance, practical assistance, and information during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood so that a couple feel cared for, informed, and confident.). My current hospital and doctor do not support waterbirth though so I cancelled my prenatal appointments with Raffles and scheduled one with NUH.

Reasons why I want a waterbirth:
  • I believe I can be more relaxed in the water
  • They say water will help relieve labor pain (natural anaesthetic)
  • I read warm water will help open up the perinium which may avoid or lessen tearing
  • Because of the water's buoyancy, it is easier to change position like squat, sit, kneel
  • The watertub will be my own private space. I can even request low light (and aromatheraphy and music if I want)
  • It is a very gentle transition when the baby moves out of the womb and into the warm water
  • Simon can even join me in the water (he said he will). He read somewhere though that a woman might poop during labour and it will float with him in the water haha. The midwife from NUH said it is normal for a woman to do so and we shouldn't worry about it. We should just bring a long-handed fish net, known as the "pooper scooper" to remove it.

Midwife Deb Fox of NUH giving a talk on Waterbirth in place of Prof Chong (he's currently delivering a waterbirth)

 Simon joining the NUH's maternity tour

NUH's impressive Women's Clinic (and it's a Government Hospital!)

NUH's maternity private room. We like it! All the delivery rooms with attached waterbirth facility though were occupied so we didn't see them. Anyway, I like NUH's delivery rooms especially because they have the "baby warmers" which means the baby doesn't need to be taken out of the room to be checked, etc.

I was surprised to see that their consultants charge more than my doctor in Raffles Hospital (but the delivery is 50% less cheaper here than Raffles)

Before going to the forum, we had a mexican lunch at Margarita's in Dempsey Hill
23 weeks and 1 day pregnant here
 We enjoyed the food here :)

NUH requires us to hire a doula to support us during waterbirth so even though Simon at first didn't want one, he didn't have a choice. Last night, we went to this "Dinner with the Doulas" event in ParentLink which Simon thought would be cheesy. It was a good time to choose our doula though so Simon joined me because he want to have a say with the choosing. The doulas(around 7 of them) prepared a yummy potluck dinner and it was a bit awkward at first talking to a stranger but they were nice ladies and by the end of the night, we liked one lady and Simon finally saw the benefits of getting one. Anyway, we need all the help we can get!


jao said...

I also believe you can be more relaxed in water... pero... with Simon in the tub too? ahahahah!... unang una, kakasya ba kayo?

lala said...

hahanap ako ng malaking tub. merong inflatable for rent e haha.

Jan said...

La, best of luck on your giving birth! Hope everything works out as planned :)

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