Thursday, July 22, 2010

20 weeks!

They(Simon and Jao) call me "The Flasher" because I like showing my tummy to them. It just amazes me that my tummy is getting bigger everyday so when I'm in the house I just stare at my tummy all the time.

my baby bump is huge!

We had an ultrasound yesterday, and it was amazing! We saw the baby move, and the doctor said our baby's got a big tummy and quite long arms. Simon said we got a chimpanzee hehe. During the scan, we couldn't see the baby's nose because the baby was lying face down so the doctor shaked my tummy a lot to make him move. He wouldn't budge though so the doctor made me walk for a few minutes and talk to the baby so we can see his face. He showed his face for a while, and here's the picture though it's not so clear:

The doctor said he saw our baby's gender but he's keeping it a secret. So 20 more weeks, and we'll hold the baby soon! :)


tita jao said...

hello there, little one! :)

lala said...

tita jao! :)

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