Thursday, July 22, 2010

20 weeks!

They(Simon and Jao) call me "The Flasher" because I like showing my tummy to them. It just amazes me that my tummy is getting bigger everyday so when I'm in the house I just stare at my tummy all the time.

my baby bump is huge!

We had an ultrasound yesterday, and it was amazing! We saw the baby move, and the doctor said our baby's got a big tummy and quite long arms. Simon said we got a chimpanzee hehe. During the scan, we couldn't see the baby's nose because the baby was lying face down so the doctor shaked my tummy a lot to make him move. He wouldn't budge though so the doctor made me walk for a few minutes and talk to the baby so we can see his face. He showed his face for a while, and here's the picture though it's not so clear:

The doctor said he saw our baby's gender but he's keeping it a secret. So 20 more weeks, and we'll hold the baby soon! :)

Caution: P-plate driver ahead!

P is for probation! And I've been driving for a week now. The truth is my heart still beats fast every time I think of driving. The first day I drove to work, it took me more than 30 minutes to park the car (catching my bus was actually faster). First, I parked on the loading bay of trucks. I had to move my car but I was too slow parking that other cars honked at me :(. So now I learned my lesson and park on the uppermost level where I can take my sweet time. What can I say, the parking they taught me in driving school is so different from real life! Anyway, I am actually not that bad with parking (vertical at least) anymore. I found this guide and it really helped me improve my parking:

Simon is a very tough teacher, and he's been forcing me(whether or not he's in the car) to take expressways, tunnels and  try parallel parking but there was this one time he got so stressed because I almost hit a pole and didn't even realize it. He's in Phuket now for a golf weekend and I am dreading to get him from the airport this coming Sunday.

So here's my p-plate (taken by Sym) while I was driving us to Universal Studios:

And yes, Jao and Sym were here last weekend for my birthday! I got the sweetest friends :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

18 weeks 3 days

My baby bump is getting bigger! It's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant now, but people are not giving up their seats on the bus yet so maybe it's only obvious if you know me. I also felt the baby move for around 10 minutes last week! I was resting after swimming when I felt something poke my tummy, I'm 99% sure it was the baby :). It's only me that can feel it though, Simon tried by touching my bump but he said he couldn't feel a thing. I swam a few more times after that hoping to feel the baby move again, but I can't seem to feel that persistent poke anymore. Anyway, I'll be patient. (And we have a scheduled ultrasound next week so we will see the baby again :)).

Saturday, July 03, 2010

trafalgar square

It was our second day in London, well technically our first because I spent our first day sleeping in our hotel room (I was exhausted from the 15-hour flight!). So we were walking around the Trafalgar Square when we saw this cute mime artist standing very still among the tourist crowd. If you stand too close to him or put money on his donation box, he would suddenly move and act like he's going to stab you. I love him! I love London!

Simon about to be stabbed because he gave the knight money

Thursday, July 01, 2010

the bump

I always tell myself that I will make a pregnancy journal but writing requires discipline and I don't have that. Hence I'm using my travel blog to write about this 40-week journey to motherhood (haha so corny!). I should have also started long ago to take weekly pictures of my tummy just to see it grow big, and I finally started last Sunday! (I was bored at home) The front view of my stomach looks so round and funny so I'm just posting the side view.

My bump at 16 weeks and 2 days

I also tried this chinese gender chart, they say it's 90% accurate in predicting my baby's gender. They just use my age at baby's conception, and the month of conception - and the forecast is a girl! :)

I really don't care if it's a boy or girl just as long as it is healthy. At this time, our doctor can probably see the gender from the ultrasound scan but Simon wants it as a surprise when the baby comes out. They say trying to know of the baby's gender in advance is like opening your presents before Christmas morning. I can't wait for my Christmas then. :)

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