Tuesday, June 15, 2010

heartbeats and new bras

We heard our baby's heartbeat today! It was loud and fast (160+ beats per minute) and again it jolted me that yes, there is a baby inside me. He was just under my navel according to my OB-GYN :). At almost 15 weeks now, I still don't feel pregnant. I didn't get the morning sickness (salamat!), or food cravings, I didn't acquire that super sharp sense of smell and even though my tummy's not as flat as before(haha!), it's not bulging yet. I was very sleepy though during the first trimester (but I'm always sleepy anyway), and now I get throbbing pains on my breasts. But! Anet and I went bra-shopping last weekend and got us both lots of full-support bras and now I can really feel the difference, my boobs are pretty happy today. So that's about it actually, sleepiness and sore breasts doesn't make me feel like a mother yet.

Also, Simon went bright red when the doctor said that if he wants to cut the cord of the baby after the delivery, he can. The poor guy will rather faint I think. We also enrolled in an Antenatal class(179 sgd), it's a 6-session course every Tuesdays starting next month. They'll talk about coping with stages of labour, and breastfeeding and a hospital tour haha. How cool is that?

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xieurx said...

Nag-prenatal class din kami ni Bokkie. Kahit di namin nagamit yung tinurong natural birth methods and all, I think it still helped in preparing us for taking care of baby. Enjoy being preggy! :)

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