Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hamish the dog

I knew it was still very early to buy toys for the baby, but there was this one time I couldn't resist. We were just driving back to Burnley after our Haworth trip when I saw a Factory Outlet of Marks and Spencer. I asked Simon if we could stop for awhile, and he said yes surprisingly (he hates malls, I found out later he needed to use the toilet). Anyway, I found Hamish the Westie and he looked very soft and friendly and Simon liked him too. So there you go, our baby's first toy :).

Hamish next to Simon's very cute old photo


lucy said...

huh? but that's a girl in the picture! ...but the puppy's cute, though :)

lala said...

haha mukha ngang girl si simon nung bata pa sya. cute ni hamish no? avocado pala this week si isagani.

ps. naluto naman namin yung tortang talong pero iba lasa ng luto sa pinas e. parang may kulang

xieurx said...

nice toy!

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