Sunday, June 20, 2010


Since I started the 2nd trimester, I've been itching to go back to a yoga class (they don't advise yoga during the 1st trimester). I planned to do the 10am pre-natal class today but the class was already full when I called to reserve a slot (what a waste waking up so early on a Saturday morning). My yoga instructor recommended me to try the afternoon Hatha yoga, it's a slower paced class perfect for beginners which might just be the right pace for me. I dragged Simon with me, and even though it's a pain to drive down and park to Tanglin, I really liked the class. I still struggled with some of the poses (and from what I can hear of Simon's breathing, he struggled as well), but I enjoyed a few of the poses. And since it's not in a heated room like our usual Bikram class, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Simon was not so happy though with the lack of shower area, they only have dressing rooms unlike the other 2 Absolute Yoga studios. Collette (my yoga instructor), told me I can keep on going to the Hatha class and later on I should go try the prenatal class and meet all the "lovely" pregnant ladies. Ha! I'll be one of the "lovely" pregnant ladies soon once my tummy balloons. :)


I think we finally picked a format for our Save the Date/Invitation cards. We both liked it, and when I printed it, it was so cute and I think once all the work is done it will be something that would reflect us. Now if only we can finally choose a venue...

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