Sunday, June 27, 2010

I take it back. When I said just some time ago that I don't feel pregnant at all, well now I can definitely feel something. Lately I've been getting these sharp pains in my tummy, at least all the books say it is normal. It is just my uterus expanding and stretching, ugh! Last week, I dropped a glass so I bent to clean it up and when I stood up - I really winced with pain. But what was worse was I was afraid that by bending, I squished the baby or something. Simon's been assuring me not to worry, he said the baby's really protected and cushioned and he's right with the cushion bit because I have a small bump already. I have to remind myself all the time not to make sudden movements, that's usually when I get those sharp but very quick tummy pains. But aside from the pain, sometimes I think I can also feel something like very light butterfly wings fluttering in my tummy. I hope that's the baby swimming happily :).

I also tried prenatal yoga yesterday, I liked it a lot. Most of the ladies were already big, and one of them was even due in 3 weeks! They all look good and didn't struggle with the poses. We had some exercise where you have to do some stretching with a partner, and it wasn't awkward to my surprise. I found it quite funny though when we had to pelvic floor exercises - it's weird when you try contract and tighten your vagina muscles with 10 other ladies in the room doing it as well. The teacher made us close our eyes though so we won't see each other hehe.

Well today, I woke up early again to attend the normal Hatha yoga. The instructor was the same girl from yesterday and when she saw that I wasn't familiar with a lot of the yoga poses, she said I should just stick with the prenatal yoga next time. Ouch! I guess she was just worried that I would hurt myself or the baby so ok. I also didn't enjoy it a lot because for most of the poses, I had to do a variation of them so the teacher always call my attention to do a different pose instead of what the rest of the class are doing. When the class was over she came over to ask if it was my first time to do yoga, aray ko! I told her I've doing it before but I'm used to Bikram and not Hatha so I'm not really fluid with the downward dog and sun salutation and the rest. She even asked me since when did I start, and I was embarassed to say on and off since 2005. Haha. I didn't realize I looked so bad on the mat,  I tried to do what I can though and as for the rest I was just not pushing myself because I might hurt the baby. She apologized and said I can still attend her Hatha class if I want to or Collette's class(my teacher last week). So now, I don't think I'll go to her Hatha class. Anyway I'm not comfortable with the extra attention I get for the entire duration of the class. Her prenatal class is excellent so I'll still go for that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

boracay it is!

After a long day at work, this is what I found on my dining table tonight - a bouquet of flowers and a card. And a slice of my favorite blueberry cheesecake in the fridge. Simon left this afternoon for a weekend golf holiday in Thailand and he got me these before leaving as a surprise. They actually made me teary-eyed but I blame it on my crazy pregnancy hormones :). 

We've also finally made a decision to have the wedding in Boracay! After months and months of looking for venues in Tagaytay, we sat down one day and just talked ourselves into having a beach wedding instead. I wasn't really sold to the idea of doing it in Boracay because I want it to be a private and intimate event but we found a really nice venue (hopefully away from the crowd) so Boracay it is then. Yehey! We've already found a local organizer to help us so I hope this would be smooth sailing from here on out since we've started all these planning a year before the wedding.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Since I started the 2nd trimester, I've been itching to go back to a yoga class (they don't advise yoga during the 1st trimester). I planned to do the 10am pre-natal class today but the class was already full when I called to reserve a slot (what a waste waking up so early on a Saturday morning). My yoga instructor recommended me to try the afternoon Hatha yoga, it's a slower paced class perfect for beginners which might just be the right pace for me. I dragged Simon with me, and even though it's a pain to drive down and park to Tanglin, I really liked the class. I still struggled with some of the poses (and from what I can hear of Simon's breathing, he struggled as well), but I enjoyed a few of the poses. And since it's not in a heated room like our usual Bikram class, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Simon was not so happy though with the lack of shower area, they only have dressing rooms unlike the other 2 Absolute Yoga studios. Collette (my yoga instructor), told me I can keep on going to the Hatha class and later on I should go try the prenatal class and meet all the "lovely" pregnant ladies. Ha! I'll be one of the "lovely" pregnant ladies soon once my tummy balloons. :)


I think we finally picked a format for our Save the Date/Invitation cards. We both liked it, and when I printed it, it was so cute and I think once all the work is done it will be something that would reflect us. Now if only we can finally choose a venue...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hamish the dog

I knew it was still very early to buy toys for the baby, but there was this one time I couldn't resist. We were just driving back to Burnley after our Haworth trip when I saw a Factory Outlet of Marks and Spencer. I asked Simon if we could stop for awhile, and he said yes surprisingly (he hates malls, I found out later he needed to use the toilet). Anyway, I found Hamish the Westie and he looked very soft and friendly and Simon liked him too. So there you go, our baby's first toy :).

Hamish next to Simon's very cute old photo

Friday, June 18, 2010

Three's a charm

After trying to get a driver's license for more than a year - I got 52 driving lessons stamped on my record book (1 lesson = 100 minutes), 2 failed practical tests, and I've spent a few thousand dollars for all those lessons and tests(1 lesson = more or less 70 dollars), I finally passed my driving test today! I thought I would fail again because I made some mistakes but the tester handed me the test report with a "Passed" mark on it. I could have kissed him, but he didn't even congratulate me. He just handed me the test result and told me to pay for it. I still love him though! Out of the 23 testees, I think only around 6 or 7 of us passed. They made us watch a scary video of road accidents from careless and drink driving and gave us a temporary driving license afterwards. They even stamped my record book with a "Graduated" mark. Yahoo! I forgot my phone at home though so I couldn't even call Simon to tell him about the wonderful news. I bought ice cream and doritos so we can celebrate, and I'm now trying to convince him that we should just get a car instead of paying for a wedding. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

heartbeats and new bras

We heard our baby's heartbeat today! It was loud and fast (160+ beats per minute) and again it jolted me that yes, there is a baby inside me. He was just under my navel according to my OB-GYN :). At almost 15 weeks now, I still don't feel pregnant. I didn't get the morning sickness (salamat!), or food cravings, I didn't acquire that super sharp sense of smell and even though my tummy's not as flat as before(haha!), it's not bulging yet. I was very sleepy though during the first trimester (but I'm always sleepy anyway), and now I get throbbing pains on my breasts. But! Anet and I went bra-shopping last weekend and got us both lots of full-support bras and now I can really feel the difference, my boobs are pretty happy today. So that's about it actually, sleepiness and sore breasts doesn't make me feel like a mother yet.

Also, Simon went bright red when the doctor said that if he wants to cut the cord of the baby after the delivery, he can. The poor guy will rather faint I think. We also enrolled in an Antenatal class(179 sgd), it's a 6-session course every Tuesdays starting next month. They'll talk about coping with stages of labour, and breastfeeding and a hospital tour haha. How cool is that?

Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been 2 weeks since we got back from our 3-week England trip, but I'm still too lazy to sort out our hundreds of pictures. So I just took one photo from the bunch(for now), it was taken from one of my favorite places we've been - a rural village called Haworth located in Yorkshire. I like the cobblestoned streets, old stone buildings and pubs, charming cafes, and the beautiful moors surrounding it. And it's even made more popular because the Brontë sisters wrote their novels while living there. We tried hiking up to the Top Withens which they say was the setting in Wuthering Heights but we had to make a u-turn because Simon said we still have to see some witches (more on that later).

I was around 12 weeks pregnant here and my tummy looked big!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love navel oranges!

Simon, while shopping some grocery supplies this afternoon sent me this email:

"I got some!"

This made me smile while I sit in my cold office and wait for 6pm to strike. Just last night, according to Simon's "What to expect" Iphone application, our baby is more or less the size of a navel orange :). I just hit the 14th week today which means first trimester is finally over. Yahoo! The high risk stage for miscarriage is over and I am so relieved. I think I can safely tell everybody I'm pregnant hehe. Actually I have a small bump in my tummy now and I think very soon I won't need to tell people why I'm looking quite fat.

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