Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We did it! That's me and Simon just a few meters before the finish line. If you look closer, Simon looked like he's really suffering (and he really was!). For months, we were dreading this half-marathon run but I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it, the weather was so pleasant and it was just nice to run with Simon and Ayesha and a few other thousand runners. We had a post carbo loading bacon party after the run, and as I was still high from the run I tried recruiting everyone to try the full marathon next year. Nobody took me seriously I think.

Maybe it was because of this runner's high or peer pressure or the fact that it was almost new year that I stupidly signed up for a sprint series(aquathlon, duathlon and triathlon) this year. You know when the new year makes you feel brave and bold and makes you think you can do anything? Now, I think I overestimated myself. The aquathlon is already next month, and a 750m swim in a cold cold sea which might be rough and other swimmers kicking my face is not really something I look forward to. Simon and I just started training for the swim and I get out of breath after 100 meters! Beng just wrote that for 2010, we should create something new and be ready for it. I can try and do just that. Happy new year to us! :)

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