Sunday, October 31, 2010

34 weeks!

Okay, so I've been neglecting this blog. But with 6 only weeks to go before the baby pops out, we've been really busy and I've been too lazy to post anything.

What's new with the baby:
  • He's been in a head-down position since our week 28 check-up, with his butt sticking out on my left side. It's the perfect position for him and hopefully he'll just stay there.
  • He has the hiccups everyday! Sometimes up to 3x a day. And it's so cute to see my tummy jumping when it happens :)
  • 2 weeks ago, his weight was 1.9 kilos! The doctor said it's the perfect weight. Yay! Simon's iphone application says he's now the size of a pineapple :)
  • He kicks quite hard now. Simon has this game now where he taps my tummy and the baby kicks him
  • He has a sleep/awake routine now and he's awake during the day. Usually he wakes me up around 7:30am (but I ignore him and carry on sleeping) and he moves so much when I'm working. Maybe he wants me to stop working already?:)

What's new with me:

  • As what can be obviously seen in the picture below, I'm huge! 2 weeks ago, I've already gained 14 kilos! I dread to think what is my weight now. If I stand straight and look down, I cannot see my feet anymore. In fact, I haven't seen my groin for months now haha
  • My belly button has totally popped out. Sometimes friends touch my bump and I freak out when they accidentally touch it. (they freak out as well)
  • My bump has been sporting the "linea negra" for sometime now. It's a dark vertical line running along my bump. It looks weird especially when I go swimming.
  • I started feeling pelvic pains since around week 20, it has gotten worse unfortunately. It is excruciatingly painful to get in and out of bed, cars, chairs. Even climbing the stairs and walking is hard work :(. My midwife says it's not uncommon and will go away a few weeks after the baby's birth. Whew! And she said it is quite good since the relaxin hormone which causes my pelvic pain will open up and stretch everything in preparation for labour.
  • I get the Braxton Hicks contractions often now. My bump will suddenly tighten for sometime but it is never painful. 
  • Sleep is not that easy to do now, peeing so many times during the night doesn't help. And I'm fed up with sleeping on my left side. I can't wait to sleep on my back or even better on my tummy again! 
  • I have to admit it is quite uncomfortable and I feel fat and awkward but I wouldn't trade this for anything. And 6 weeks is really not that far off right? :)

    And since they don't call me "The Flasher" for nothing, here's my bump:

    We just finished our prenatal class today, the 12th session! (6 antenatal classes from Raffles Hospital,  5 Hypnobirth classes, 1 Breastfeeding class) and Simon is so relieved. He's really been so good and supportive but I think he's reached his limit. He even wrote our birth plan the other night (I'm so proud!) which we need to give to our midwife this week.

    Saturday, October 02, 2010

    Can you spot the difference?

    Jao was in Changi airport earlier for a quick stopover, and we met her for coffee. I flashed my tummy as usual, and she was shocked to see how big it is now. See you again in less than 2 weeks, cutie! :)

     30 weeks pregnant here

    hmm... 30 years of beer belly?

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Shopping for baby!

    We've finally started shopping stuff for the baby! We first went to Ikea to have a look (and I wanted a plateful of meatballs) but we had no idea what should we buy so we just window-shopped. Should we buy a painted cot? or a natural wood one? What kind of mattress should we get? Do we really need a changing table? The cots on display looked crowded with all those pillows and blankets and bumper and mobile thing-y, but they were all so cute!

    Simon looking clueless

    I think he's scared

    After weeks of researching, we bought a cot bed from Ebay. It's a second-hand one from Mothercare and if you buy it brand new with the mattress and mattress protector and bed sheets and blankets, it would cost more than a 1000sgd! Imagine that! 30,000+ pesos for a baby's bed! Anyway I got it cheap :).  Next one on my list was baby clothes, we didn't want to get expensive ones because the baby will just outgrow them very quickly so I bought them from Ebay as well. I now have a box almost full of very cute baby onesies and sleepers and hats and mittens. I don't know how a pair of baby socks can make me happy but they just do! One time, I showed a romper with tiny blue hippo prints to Simon and he was shocked. Like he was about to cry - that kind of shock. He was never like that when we go for ultrasound scans, I guess it hit him that time that we're gonna have a baby very soon.

    Some of the baby clothes we got. It's not so easy getting clothes if you don't know whether the baby's a girl or a boy but he won't complain anyway (my guess is a boy, and Simon's betting it's a girl)

    We soon got a car seat. And some soft baby toys, cloth books and a play mat. I also ordered a couple of baby guide books and dvds. Simon is going on a work trip to UK next month and everything's way cheaper there so he's gonna get us a breast pump, a stroller and a car seat base.

    the cot bed and mattress still not assembled, a box full of baby clothes and blankets, a car seat

    So that's what keeps me busy these days. In just 11 more weeks, the baby's gonna be here! :)

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Switch to Waterbirth

    It was the fourth session of our prenatal class in Raffles Hospital, the lecturer was discussing all about epidurals and episiotomy, vacuums and forceps in the delivery room, and other scary pain relief when I realized if I want to go through a natural childbirth - I should prepare myself more. Reading all the books I can get my hands on, attending the pre-natal classes with Simon and the occassional yoga probably won't be enough. So after a few days of research, talking to a midwife and doctor from NUH, doulas from ParentLink and even attending a Natural Birth Forum, I've decided I want to try waterbirth in NUH (Only 2 hospitals in Singapore support waterbirth - NUH and Mt. Alvernia and only 4 doctors in Singapore do it). Simon said he'll support whatever I want so I'm very happy - he was at first not very convinced especially the part about getting a doula (A doula is a labour supporter that offers reassurance, practical assistance, and information during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood so that a couple feel cared for, informed, and confident.). My current hospital and doctor do not support waterbirth though so I cancelled my prenatal appointments with Raffles and scheduled one with NUH.

    Reasons why I want a waterbirth:
    • I believe I can be more relaxed in the water
    • They say water will help relieve labor pain (natural anaesthetic)
    • I read warm water will help open up the perinium which may avoid or lessen tearing
    • Because of the water's buoyancy, it is easier to change position like squat, sit, kneel
    • The watertub will be my own private space. I can even request low light (and aromatheraphy and music if I want)
    • It is a very gentle transition when the baby moves out of the womb and into the warm water
    • Simon can even join me in the water (he said he will). He read somewhere though that a woman might poop during labour and it will float with him in the water haha. The midwife from NUH said it is normal for a woman to do so and we shouldn't worry about it. We should just bring a long-handed fish net, known as the "pooper scooper" to remove it.

    Midwife Deb Fox of NUH giving a talk on Waterbirth in place of Prof Chong (he's currently delivering a waterbirth)

     Simon joining the NUH's maternity tour

    NUH's impressive Women's Clinic (and it's a Government Hospital!)

    NUH's maternity private room. We like it! All the delivery rooms with attached waterbirth facility though were occupied so we didn't see them. Anyway, I like NUH's delivery rooms especially because they have the "baby warmers" which means the baby doesn't need to be taken out of the room to be checked, etc.

    I was surprised to see that their consultants charge more than my doctor in Raffles Hospital (but the delivery is 50% less cheaper here than Raffles)

    Before going to the forum, we had a mexican lunch at Margarita's in Dempsey Hill
    23 weeks and 1 day pregnant here
     We enjoyed the food here :)

    NUH requires us to hire a doula to support us during waterbirth so even though Simon at first didn't want one, he didn't have a choice. Last night, we went to this "Dinner with the Doulas" event in ParentLink which Simon thought would be cheesy. It was a good time to choose our doula though so Simon joined me because he want to have a say with the choosing. The doulas(around 7 of them) prepared a yummy potluck dinner and it was a bit awkward at first talking to a stranger but they were nice ladies and by the end of the night, we liked one lady and Simon finally saw the benefits of getting one. Anyway, we need all the help we can get!

    Sunday, August 01, 2010

    21 weeks and 2 days

    I'm huge! The bump is getting bigger and bigger and heavier! I can feel the baby move everyday :). Sometimes, the kick is quite strong that I can see my tummy move. When I call Simon though, the baby would stop moving hehe.

    Yesterday, we were at this children's birthday party when the baby kicked hard again. Simon held my tummy and finally he felt it move for the first time! :)

    at the birthday party

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    20 weeks!

    They(Simon and Jao) call me "The Flasher" because I like showing my tummy to them. It just amazes me that my tummy is getting bigger everyday so when I'm in the house I just stare at my tummy all the time.

    my baby bump is huge!

    We had an ultrasound yesterday, and it was amazing! We saw the baby move, and the doctor said our baby's got a big tummy and quite long arms. Simon said we got a chimpanzee hehe. During the scan, we couldn't see the baby's nose because the baby was lying face down so the doctor shaked my tummy a lot to make him move. He wouldn't budge though so the doctor made me walk for a few minutes and talk to the baby so we can see his face. He showed his face for a while, and here's the picture though it's not so clear:

    The doctor said he saw our baby's gender but he's keeping it a secret. So 20 more weeks, and we'll hold the baby soon! :)

    Caution: P-plate driver ahead!

    P is for probation! And I've been driving for a week now. The truth is my heart still beats fast every time I think of driving. The first day I drove to work, it took me more than 30 minutes to park the car (catching my bus was actually faster). First, I parked on the loading bay of trucks. I had to move my car but I was too slow parking that other cars honked at me :(. So now I learned my lesson and park on the uppermost level where I can take my sweet time. What can I say, the parking they taught me in driving school is so different from real life! Anyway, I am actually not that bad with parking (vertical at least) anymore. I found this guide and it really helped me improve my parking:

    Simon is a very tough teacher, and he's been forcing me(whether or not he's in the car) to take expressways, tunnels and  try parallel parking but there was this one time he got so stressed because I almost hit a pole and didn't even realize it. He's in Phuket now for a golf weekend and I am dreading to get him from the airport this coming Sunday.

    So here's my p-plate (taken by Sym) while I was driving us to Universal Studios:

    And yes, Jao and Sym were here last weekend for my birthday! I got the sweetest friends :)

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    18 weeks 3 days

    My baby bump is getting bigger! It's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant now, but people are not giving up their seats on the bus yet so maybe it's only obvious if you know me. I also felt the baby move for around 10 minutes last week! I was resting after swimming when I felt something poke my tummy, I'm 99% sure it was the baby :). It's only me that can feel it though, Simon tried by touching my bump but he said he couldn't feel a thing. I swam a few more times after that hoping to feel the baby move again, but I can't seem to feel that persistent poke anymore. Anyway, I'll be patient. (And we have a scheduled ultrasound next week so we will see the baby again :)).

    Saturday, July 03, 2010

    trafalgar square

    It was our second day in London, well technically our first because I spent our first day sleeping in our hotel room (I was exhausted from the 15-hour flight!). So we were walking around the Trafalgar Square when we saw this cute mime artist standing very still among the tourist crowd. If you stand too close to him or put money on his donation box, he would suddenly move and act like he's going to stab you. I love him! I love London!

    Simon about to be stabbed because he gave the knight money

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    the bump

    I always tell myself that I will make a pregnancy journal but writing requires discipline and I don't have that. Hence I'm using my travel blog to write about this 40-week journey to motherhood (haha so corny!). I should have also started long ago to take weekly pictures of my tummy just to see it grow big, and I finally started last Sunday! (I was bored at home) The front view of my stomach looks so round and funny so I'm just posting the side view.

    My bump at 16 weeks and 2 days

    I also tried this chinese gender chart, they say it's 90% accurate in predicting my baby's gender. They just use my age at baby's conception, and the month of conception - and the forecast is a girl! :)

    I really don't care if it's a boy or girl just as long as it is healthy. At this time, our doctor can probably see the gender from the ultrasound scan but Simon wants it as a surprise when the baby comes out. They say trying to know of the baby's gender in advance is like opening your presents before Christmas morning. I can't wait for my Christmas then. :)

    Sunday, June 27, 2010

    I take it back. When I said just some time ago that I don't feel pregnant at all, well now I can definitely feel something. Lately I've been getting these sharp pains in my tummy, at least all the books say it is normal. It is just my uterus expanding and stretching, ugh! Last week, I dropped a glass so I bent to clean it up and when I stood up - I really winced with pain. But what was worse was I was afraid that by bending, I squished the baby or something. Simon's been assuring me not to worry, he said the baby's really protected and cushioned and he's right with the cushion bit because I have a small bump already. I have to remind myself all the time not to make sudden movements, that's usually when I get those sharp but very quick tummy pains. But aside from the pain, sometimes I think I can also feel something like very light butterfly wings fluttering in my tummy. I hope that's the baby swimming happily :).

    I also tried prenatal yoga yesterday, I liked it a lot. Most of the ladies were already big, and one of them was even due in 3 weeks! They all look good and didn't struggle with the poses. We had some exercise where you have to do some stretching with a partner, and it wasn't awkward to my surprise. I found it quite funny though when we had to pelvic floor exercises - it's weird when you try contract and tighten your vagina muscles with 10 other ladies in the room doing it as well. The teacher made us close our eyes though so we won't see each other hehe.

    Well today, I woke up early again to attend the normal Hatha yoga. The instructor was the same girl from yesterday and when she saw that I wasn't familiar with a lot of the yoga poses, she said I should just stick with the prenatal yoga next time. Ouch! I guess she was just worried that I would hurt myself or the baby so ok. I also didn't enjoy it a lot because for most of the poses, I had to do a variation of them so the teacher always call my attention to do a different pose instead of what the rest of the class are doing. When the class was over she came over to ask if it was my first time to do yoga, aray ko! I told her I've doing it before but I'm used to Bikram and not Hatha so I'm not really fluid with the downward dog and sun salutation and the rest. She even asked me since when did I start, and I was embarassed to say on and off since 2005. Haha. I didn't realize I looked so bad on the mat,  I tried to do what I can though and as for the rest I was just not pushing myself because I might hurt the baby. She apologized and said I can still attend her Hatha class if I want to or Collette's class(my teacher last week). So now, I don't think I'll go to her Hatha class. Anyway I'm not comfortable with the extra attention I get for the entire duration of the class. Her prenatal class is excellent so I'll still go for that.

    Friday, June 25, 2010

    boracay it is!

    After a long day at work, this is what I found on my dining table tonight - a bouquet of flowers and a card. And a slice of my favorite blueberry cheesecake in the fridge. Simon left this afternoon for a weekend golf holiday in Thailand and he got me these before leaving as a surprise. They actually made me teary-eyed but I blame it on my crazy pregnancy hormones :). 

    We've also finally made a decision to have the wedding in Boracay! After months and months of looking for venues in Tagaytay, we sat down one day and just talked ourselves into having a beach wedding instead. I wasn't really sold to the idea of doing it in Boracay because I want it to be a private and intimate event but we found a really nice venue (hopefully away from the crowd) so Boracay it is then. Yehey! We've already found a local organizer to help us so I hope this would be smooth sailing from here on out since we've started all these planning a year before the wedding.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010


    Since I started the 2nd trimester, I've been itching to go back to a yoga class (they don't advise yoga during the 1st trimester). I planned to do the 10am pre-natal class today but the class was already full when I called to reserve a slot (what a waste waking up so early on a Saturday morning). My yoga instructor recommended me to try the afternoon Hatha yoga, it's a slower paced class perfect for beginners which might just be the right pace for me. I dragged Simon with me, and even though it's a pain to drive down and park to Tanglin, I really liked the class. I still struggled with some of the poses (and from what I can hear of Simon's breathing, he struggled as well), but I enjoyed a few of the poses. And since it's not in a heated room like our usual Bikram class, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Simon was not so happy though with the lack of shower area, they only have dressing rooms unlike the other 2 Absolute Yoga studios. Collette (my yoga instructor), told me I can keep on going to the Hatha class and later on I should go try the prenatal class and meet all the "lovely" pregnant ladies. Ha! I'll be one of the "lovely" pregnant ladies soon once my tummy balloons. :)


    I think we finally picked a format for our Save the Date/Invitation cards. We both liked it, and when I printed it, it was so cute and I think once all the work is done it will be something that would reflect us. Now if only we can finally choose a venue...

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Hamish the dog

    I knew it was still very early to buy toys for the baby, but there was this one time I couldn't resist. We were just driving back to Burnley after our Haworth trip when I saw a Factory Outlet of Marks and Spencer. I asked Simon if we could stop for awhile, and he said yes surprisingly (he hates malls, I found out later he needed to use the toilet). Anyway, I found Hamish the Westie and he looked very soft and friendly and Simon liked him too. So there you go, our baby's first toy :).

    Hamish next to Simon's very cute old photo

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Three's a charm

    After trying to get a driver's license for more than a year - I got 52 driving lessons stamped on my record book (1 lesson = 100 minutes), 2 failed practical tests, and I've spent a few thousand dollars for all those lessons and tests(1 lesson = more or less 70 dollars), I finally passed my driving test today! I thought I would fail again because I made some mistakes but the tester handed me the test report with a "Passed" mark on it. I could have kissed him, but he didn't even congratulate me. He just handed me the test result and told me to pay for it. I still love him though! Out of the 23 testees, I think only around 6 or 7 of us passed. They made us watch a scary video of road accidents from careless and drink driving and gave us a temporary driving license afterwards. They even stamped my record book with a "Graduated" mark. Yahoo! I forgot my phone at home though so I couldn't even call Simon to tell him about the wonderful news. I bought ice cream and doritos so we can celebrate, and I'm now trying to convince him that we should just get a car instead of paying for a wedding. :)

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    heartbeats and new bras

    We heard our baby's heartbeat today! It was loud and fast (160+ beats per minute) and again it jolted me that yes, there is a baby inside me. He was just under my navel according to my OB-GYN :). At almost 15 weeks now, I still don't feel pregnant. I didn't get the morning sickness (salamat!), or food cravings, I didn't acquire that super sharp sense of smell and even though my tummy's not as flat as before(haha!), it's not bulging yet. I was very sleepy though during the first trimester (but I'm always sleepy anyway), and now I get throbbing pains on my breasts. But! Anet and I went bra-shopping last weekend and got us both lots of full-support bras and now I can really feel the difference, my boobs are pretty happy today. So that's about it actually, sleepiness and sore breasts doesn't make me feel like a mother yet.

    Also, Simon went bright red when the doctor said that if he wants to cut the cord of the baby after the delivery, he can. The poor guy will rather faint I think. We also enrolled in an Antenatal class(179 sgd), it's a 6-session course every Tuesdays starting next month. They'll talk about coping with stages of labour, and breastfeeding and a hospital tour haha. How cool is that?

    Monday, June 14, 2010


    It's been 2 weeks since we got back from our 3-week England trip, but I'm still too lazy to sort out our hundreds of pictures. So I just took one photo from the bunch(for now), it was taken from one of my favorite places we've been - a rural village called Haworth located in Yorkshire. I like the cobblestoned streets, old stone buildings and pubs, charming cafes, and the beautiful moors surrounding it. And it's even made more popular because the Brontë sisters wrote their novels while living there. We tried hiking up to the Top Withens which they say was the setting in Wuthering Heights but we had to make a u-turn because Simon said we still have to see some witches (more on that later).

    I was around 12 weeks pregnant here and my tummy looked big!

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    I love navel oranges!

    Simon, while shopping some grocery supplies this afternoon sent me this email:

    "I got some!"

    This made me smile while I sit in my cold office and wait for 6pm to strike. Just last night, according to Simon's "What to expect" Iphone application, our baby is more or less the size of a navel orange :). I just hit the 14th week today which means first trimester is finally over. Yahoo! The high risk stage for miscarriage is over and I am so relieved. I think I can safely tell everybody I'm pregnant hehe. Actually I have a small bump in my tummy now and I think very soon I won't need to tell people why I'm looking quite fat.

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Malapit na mag-expire ang passport ko kaya isang araw minabuti kong i-renew na ito, tinext ko na lang ang boss ko na male-late ako sa work. Ang payo kase ng embassy, weekday daw pumunta dahil meron silang 250 applicants a day na cut-off, mabilis mapuno ito pag weekend kase maraming pinoy na ang day off lang ay linggo. 9:30 ako dumating sa embassy, at marami ng tao. Ang una kong napansin ay di man lang tinignan ng guwardya ang bag ko. Madali lang pala bombahin ang embassy. At dahil ang tagal-tagal tawagin ng number ko, napansin ko na naman ang itsura ng embahada. Minsan nga isinama ko si Simon dito at ang sabi nya ay "somebody made sure that the place looks authentic". Pano ba naman, mukhang bahay lang ito, tapos inextend lang nila yung bubong nung bahay hanggang bakuran at nilagyan ng maraming upuan sa ilalim ng bubong. Kaya dun kami nakaupo sa labas ng bahay, na napakainit. Kahit na may mga ilang wall fan (na maalikabok) ay mainit pa rin. Nakasabit lang sa mga dingding ang extension cords, at ang mga upuan ay mga lumang classroom chairs. Syempre(as usual) yung mga empleyado nandun sa loob kung saan naka-aircon, nilagyan lang nila ng maraming bintana yung bahay para masilip kami.

    Pero sige sabihin na nating kung may budget man para gawing presentable ang embassy at maging komportable ang mga pinoy na bumibisita dito ay siguro matagal ng nakurakot ng mga buwaya sa gobyerno. Pero di ko mas lalong matanggap kung pano sila mag proseso ng mga documents. Mahigit 6 na oras ako naghintay para bigyan ng slip na pinababalik ako after 6 weeks. Ang ginawa lang naman nila ay i-check kung na fill-up ko ng tama yung renewal form, kung kumpleto yung mga photocopies ng current passport at Singapore IC ko, at kunin ang thumbprints ko (kung saan nakapasok ako sa loob ng bahay kase nandun yung computers). Lintek 6 na oras! at weekday pa. Tinext ko tuloy yung boss ko na di na ko makakapasok at ipa-file ko na lang na annual leave ang araw na yun. Tinitipid ko pa naman ang mga leaves ko para sa bakasyon, di para magbasa ng libro habang init-init sa bakuran ng embassy. Nung nagbayad na ko, syempre cash lang (85 sgd) ang tinatanggap nila. Bakit kaya? Syempre naisip namin oo nga para walang traceability. Tayo na lang yata ang di tumatanggap ng NETS at Credit card sa buong Singapore, pwera ang mga hawker centers. At kapag may kailangan ka pang i-photocopy na documents, wala silang photocopier kaya maglalakad pa ang mga pinoy (ng 15 minutes one way!) papuntang Orchard Road kung saan may mall.

    Buti na lang, may nakilala akong mabait na pinay habang naghihintay. Isa syang nurse at 10 years na dito sa Singapore. Sabay kami nag lunch at inimbitahan nya pa ko sa birthday party nya sa susunod na linggo. (Na nagpunta naman ako at sinama ko pa si Simon)

    Pagpasok ko kinabukasan sa opisina, di makapaniwala ang mga officemates ko na inabot ng buong araw ang passport renewal ko. Sa ibang lahi kase, dina drop off nga lang ang application nila at pagkatapos ng ilang araw ay pwede ng i pick up. Wala pang 30 minutes ang ginugol nilang oras. Bakit kaya di natin magawang maging efficient tulad nila?

    Makalipas ang 6 weeks, nung panahon na para makuha ang passport ko ay inabot pa rin ng 2 oras. Dapat di na ko magulat pero bakit naman napakatagal pa rin? Konti lang naman kami naghihintay, may mga ilang pinoy na nga na nagreklamo pero sabi sa kanila ay maghintay lang sila. Nung mag aala-sais na ng hapon, aba bigla na lang pinagtatawag ng mabilis ang mga pangalan namin. Kase nga uwian na pala. Naalala ko tuloy nung nag-aaral pa ko at kailangan kong mag OJT sa isang kumpanya. Ang sabi ng isang empleyado na dapat ay mentor namin, huwag daw namin ubusin ang lahat ng trabaho sa isang araw. Magtira kami para sa mga susunod na araw, kung hinde wala na daw kaming gagawin at baka masibak pa kami ng kumpanya. Naisip ko na lang, anong klaseng advice yun? Kung ganon ang pag-iisip ng mga pinoy ay paano nga tayo uunlad? 5 years pa bago ko kailanganing magpa renew ulit ng passport. Pero sana may magbago na.


    Maiba naman tayo. Magandang balita naman. Dahil machine readable na ang bagong philippine passport(yehey!) ay pwede ng dumaan ang mga pinoy na Singapore PRs sa "express" immigration clearance. Scan lang ng passport at thumbprint ang kailangan para lumabas-pasok sa isla!
    Haay... linggo ng tanghali ngayon pero imbes na magrelax (ang init pa naman at ang sarap mag swimming, manood ng tv, magbasa ng libro, matulog) ay kailangan umalis na ko para sa driving lessons ko. Last lesson ko na ito, sa isang linggo ay practical test ko na. Sana naman pumasa na ko.

    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    We did it! That's me and Simon just a few meters before the finish line. If you look closer, Simon looked like he's really suffering (and he really was!). For months, we were dreading this half-marathon run but I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it, the weather was so pleasant and it was just nice to run with Simon and Ayesha and a few other thousand runners. We had a post carbo loading bacon party after the run, and as I was still high from the run I tried recruiting everyone to try the full marathon next year. Nobody took me seriously I think.

    Maybe it was because of this runner's high or peer pressure or the fact that it was almost new year that I stupidly signed up for a sprint series(aquathlon, duathlon and triathlon) this year. You know when the new year makes you feel brave and bold and makes you think you can do anything? Now, I think I overestimated myself. The aquathlon is already next month, and a 750m swim in a cold cold sea which might be rough and other swimmers kicking my face is not really something I look forward to. Simon and I just started training for the swim and I get out of breath after 100 meters! Beng just wrote that for 2010, we should create something new and be ready for it. I can try and do just that. Happy new year to us! :)

    Hello 2017

    Hello blog, it has been 4 1/2 years since my last post! I thought I'd just give you an update with what's happened since then: I...