Saturday, August 22, 2009


I received an sms from Simon one morning,

Simon: "I had a really bad dream last night, I even cried."
Me: "Such a dramatic, what was the dream then?"
Simon: "I dreamt I signed up for a 21.1km half-marathon, it was horrible"
Me: "That wasn't a dream, we did sign up hehe"
Simon: "On no! How did that happen? You tricked me when I was still sleepy"

Yes we are running the 21k on December! We were supposed to do the Standard Chartered's 10k run but we found out that the start time for 10k is different for men and women. Simon(being such a baby) didn't want to run on his own, so we decided to just do the half marathon so we can run together. (or walk together hehe)


It's ridiculous that they only have XS, S and M shirts left. Half-marathon registration is 58 dollars, they should at least give the right sizes to the people who signed up. Since Simon cannot possibly fit into an M, I'll have 2 shirts then! :)

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