Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm not sure if I should still sleep. It's already 2:30am and I just got home from work. If I sleep, I will probably miss my 7:10am flight. And anyway I haven't packed my stuff yet so I should better do it now.

Or maybe I should finish watching the Astroboy DVD I got from the library the other day. I went to the nearby library to borrow some Japan travel guide books when I saw this Astroboy DVD(first 5 episodes) and grabbed it from the rack. Definitely one of my favorite cartoons(anime?) of all time! I also felt like reading a chic lit so I borrowed the Wonder Spot by Melissa Banks. She wrote the Girl's guide to hunting and fishing book and I enjoyed it a lot so I thought I want to read more of her work. Once I got home, I read its summary and it felt a bit familiar. I read the first page and then it hit me - I've already read this book ! In fact I bought a copy of it just a few months ago. Which was kinda sad because that's how forgettable this book is, I guess it was well written enough but it didn't leave any impact on me at all.

Anyway, I think I'll just watch the Astroboy while I'm packing. Maybe I'll see Astroboy tomorrow while waiting for a train in Tokyo. :)


Augs said...

WOW. You're heading to Japan!!! Pangarap ko din yan. Congrats, La! Have fun there. Missya! MWAH! Say hi to Simon for me.

knottydon said...

Balitaan mo kami kung ano nangyari sa Japan at sa Cherry Blossoms mo.

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