Monday, April 06, 2009

I might just pull this off. I woke up quite early than usual this morning and went straight to the Japan Embassy in Nassim Road. Within 5 short minutes, I was able to submit all my visa requirements and receive my acknowledgement slip. I can collect the visa this wednesday! Yeba! That is if they will grant me one. :)

Their requirements were:
1. Original Passport
2. Completed Visa Form plus a passport-size photo
3. Photocopy of IC (No need to provide bank statements if you are a Singapore PR which suits me just fine because I don't have much to show. Okay, nothing to show then. But I think I have enough budget for the trip hehe)
4. Certificate of Employment
5. Flight Itinerary - got it in Lucky Plaza for 10sgd, if I get my visa I can buy the plane ticket from them (minus the 10 dollars) or I can just book online.

I was talking to Simon earlier today and he said the cherry blossoms are still in bloom! Maybe I can still see them?

Tokyo here I come!

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xieurx said...

hehe congrats lala! sana nag enjoy ka sa japan :)

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