Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Bookstore Encounter


Mr. Borders (Let's just call him that since I met him in Borders bookstore in East Coast)

It is friday afternoon and Lala is in a bookstore when she should be in the office working. She had a bad case of dysmenorrhea that morning and she decided to take the day off. Her work requires her to get a Medical Certificate from a doctor so that's where she's been before she decided to get herself a book.

Lala can be seen standing in the travel literature aisle, reading the back cover of a book. She is deciding whether it's a good read or not when she notices a man about to have a look at the shelf where she is at but then changed his mind. She pays him no mind then and started reading the first page of the book when she sees the same guy again. The man starts walking in her direction but suddenly retreats. She moves a bit because she might be blocking some books the man was trying to see, he approaches her for the third time:

Mr. Borders: Hello! Do you speak english? (smiling)

Lala: Yes, I do. Um.. Why? (a bit puzzled, thinking Mr. Borders will ask her help for a book title or something)

Mr. Borders: I was wondering if you will have lunch with me?

Lala: Huh?! Aah.. Why?

Mr. Borders: You see I haven't had lunch yet and we can talk over lunch?

Lala: I already had lunch. (the truth is she's hungry and planning to get her lunch soon but its just a white lie)

Mr. Borders: Oh.. (looks disappointed and then brightens up again) Maybe you can still accompany me for lunch? That is if you're not doing anything?

Lala: Im just getting this book and then I'm on my way to the doctor. (another lie but then she decides might as well go to the ob-gyne that the previous doctor recommended)

Mr. Borders(looks really concerned): Oh no. What is wrong?

Lala: Aah.. (can't think of one more lie since she's not really good at lying) It's dysmenorrhea. (and then she touches her tummy)

Mr. Borders(relieved): Ah. Yes that is quite common.

Lala: (smiles a very plastic smile)

Mr. Borders: I'm Mr. Borders, and you are? (offers his hand)

Lala: Lala

Mr. Borders: Nice to meet you. Do you do sports?

Lala: Yes. (thinking where this conversation is leading to. maybe he's a sports agent?)

Mr. Borders: Like?

Lala: Cycling?

Mr. Borders: Oh that's great! I cycle also. In fact, I have two bicycles. I cycle around here in east coast park sometimes. I also play tennis, badminton, etc. You are from which country?

Lala: I'm from the Philippines. And you?

Mr. Borders: Brazil.

Lala(decides she'll just get the book and leave now): A ok. Well, maybe I'll see you around in the bike route in East Coast. Bye!

Mr. Borders: Yes! Can I have your number? (getting his phone out of his pocket)

Lala(realizes she shouldn't have said that bit about seeing him again because it's just a lie): Ah. Why?

Mr. Borders: So maybe I can join you biking?

Lala(decides she needs to get out of here soon) Its 90******.

Mr. Border saves her number and even tried ringing it. It did ring.

Mr. Borders(smiling): Well, it was nice meeting you Lala. I hope the result from the doctor will be ok.

Lala: Thanks Mr. Borders. Bye!

Mr. Borders leaves and Lala bangs her head over and over again in the bookshelf.


Lala went to the clinic but it was already closed. She had lunch all by herself and thought to herself, maybe she should call Mr. Borders? Nah! Haha.

Mr. Borders did try to text her later that night and ask about the checkup's result but she decided she'll just ignore it. He didn't text anymore after that. (Yehey! Thanks Mr. Borders)

A month later she cannot finish the book she bought in Borders. She decided to just give up on it and read a more interesting book.


Jao said...

haha... it's the color. at malamang naka-punda ka nung araw na yan ano? :P

lala said...

naka tshirt lang no, galing ngang clinic e.

augs said...

wow, lala. mabenta ang beauty mo talaga. teka, guapo ba naman yung brazilian?

knottydon said...

Super aliw kami nun kinuwento ito ni Ogz sa amin! Miss you, La!

beng said...

me internet na ako ulit, sa wakas... ano na update kay mr borders?

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