Sunday, February 01, 2009

a night with ski

Anet just moved in to my neighborhood here in the East Coast part of Singapore and to welcome her, I've invited her for some late night cycling in East Coast Park followed by a nightcap. Well first, she wanted to get some stuff for her room like shower curtain and rugs so I gave her a tour to the nearby Parkway Parade where we shopped and dined for a while. I thought I'd do my own shopping as well so I bought a bunch of happy happy yellow daisies and something that I've always wanted but couldn't be bothered to buy - a bike basket. A basket doesn't really go well with my mountain bike but I like it! Now I can bring my SLR while cycling or even bring some food or books and just dump 'em in my basket.

We started cycling around 11pm and the park was still alive with runners, skaters and campers. I showed her the route up to the Safra golf course and then we headed to my place for the promised nightcap. It was quite romantic, we lighted some candles, placed my daisies in an old wine bottle while we drank our white wine and talk about the past, now and our plans. It was sad talking about the present economy and how many of our friends lost their jobs because of it. We've decided not to plan so far ahead and just think about tomorrow where we agreed to see our friend Joey and his family.

She went home after we finished our wine. I got a text from her a bit later though that she forgot her wallet with me. See you tomorrow then, my friend. :)

Before, my friday nights were usually spent with Anet and Cath. Cath moved to windy Chicago last month though. We surely miss you girl!


knottydon said...

saya naman nyan. peace and quiet with wine ;oP

miss you, La!

cath said...

wahh... miss ko narin kayo, sobra! dalawin nyoko dito, please. :)

lala said...

kung mura lang ang pamasahe ay pinuntahan ko na kayo dyan. mag-iipon na kami ni anet, sana nga this year hehe.

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