Monday, January 12, 2009

sabtang island, batanes: day 2

lets just stay some or most of us didnt bother to shower the previous night. we were tired and it was cold and there was no running water in our bathroom, just a big drum filled with freezing water.

i slept like a log. what woke us up the next morning was the insistent church bells ringing and gospel music being played from a loud speaker. that sunday happened to be the three king's day and everyone on the island will flock to the san vicente parish. it was a big festival, and it was the reason why there was a big possibility that we cannot leave the island that day - no boats were scheduled to leave the island because of the "niƱo".

they were very comfy blankets. and colorful too

coffee first thing in the morning while walking around the town

ivatan kid

view from the hill

this time, to save time we hired a multicab to take us back to chavayan and see some places we've missed yesterday.

like this grassland just before chavayan...


simon and jac having a rest

simon, anet, jac, sym and jao

vakul girls. there was this house in chavayan that makes vakul - the traditional headgear being used by the women to protect them from heat and rain. i was wearing the vakul version for men.

jao still wearing the vakul while taking our pictures

me with my vakul

sym and jac talking to an old woman in chavayan

they let us enter an ivatan stonehouse to take some pictures

simon and me

stunning chavayan church next to the mountain and the shore. wow!

stonehouses in chavayan

rock formation next to the beach that looks like an arch

sabtang lighthouse

while having our lunch, we got the good news that a crew of boatmen finally agreed to take us back to the batan island. dios mamajes sabtang!

multicab hire - P1500
boat hire to batan island - P1500
meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch) - P700 per person
1 night lodging - P150 per person
dot registration - P100 per person

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