Monday, January 12, 2009

sabtang island, batanes: day 1

"this is not good." simon said while waiting for our boat to leave the pier. we've been watching for a while now how the boatmen loaded up more than 50 cases of beer, boxes of goods, a brand new motorbike, a sorbetero (ice cream vendor) cart, and of course around 60 of us passengers in an average size boat.

"look, even the brandname of the lifejackets is titanic!" he added. not that we're wearing any, they were safely stored in a plastic bag in the boat's bow.

we are in the san vicente pier in batan island, and we've been waiting for this boat for 3 hours now. simon is the only one who looks worried though. i just had my dose of motion-sickness medicine and even looking forward to the 30-minute boat ride so i can sleep. the girls - jao, jac, sym and anet are even taking pictures.

jac and simon on our tricycle ride to the pier

sym, jac and jao having a good time while waiting for our boat to load up

jac and sym smiling while simon is very stressed on the boat

jac having fun on the boat

our boat with around half of the passengers still on the boat. the rest of us are just waiting for our bags

sorbetero cart being unloaded

motorbike's turn

sabtang's welcome arch

jao with gigi - our contact in sabtang. the building in front is our home for 2 days, the sabtang national school of fisheries

our room with the view of the sea, mt. iraya and the sabtang lighthouse

gigi prepared a generous lunch for us and offered to get a jeepney to tour us around the sabtang island. we, of course have other plans. we want to hike around the island. at least half of the island for today.

it is an 8 kilometer hike from centro to chavayan and it is already 230pm but we dont care. where's the fun in seeing the island by riding a jeepney anyway? and so we walked, and had a very great time!

sabtang lighthouse

savidug stonehouses


jao, jac and sym

jao with a bike we found on the road. our plan was to go cycling in sabtang, but we couldnt get enough bikes (gigi only found us 2 bikes)


our view while walking towards chavayan island. (and it is getting a bit dark) by the time we reach chavayan, it is already dark and very cold so we ask the kind capitan to give us a ride back to the centro

dinner back at the centro. the scary tatus (coconut crab) for mains

to be continued...

tricycle ride from airport to pier - P160
boat ride to sabtang - P50 per person
bed on sabtang school of fisheries - P150 per person
multicab ride from chavayan to centro - P500


Anonymous said...

ganda ng pics!


Anonymous said...

Paano ninyo nakilala si Gigi? Pupunta kami sa Sabtang May 8 -9 at sa Fisheries rin kami mag-stay, thanks to your wonderful blog. Mag-DIY lang din kami, do-it-yourself tour =)

lala said...

ngayon ko lang nabasa ang comment na ito, musta ang trip nyo last may? :)

jyra said...


..sabtang really rocks!

..ganda tlga! mga nd pa nkapunta, puntahan niu!..

wooo.. yeah!

jyra said...

panu po b mgpost ng pics?..

-from d northern paradise..:D:D

Anonymous said...

hi we plan to visit batanes on aug13-17, baka pde malaman yung # ng contact para maassist kami on our trip to sabtang...

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