Tuesday, November 18, 2008

singapore formula one

i didnt know anything about car racing. i watched the asian festival of speed in sepang before and i got sleepy from watching the same noisy cars go round and round the track for what felt to me like 100 times.

this time, simon and his dad wanted to watch the singapore grand prix and i decided to tag along. its the first ever f1 night race and it was going be staged at the marina bay street circuit so i thought it would be interesting. and it was with all the drama - most of the audience were ferrari fans and with the raikkonen crash and massa pit stop accident, the race became anything but boring at least for me since i wasnt rooting for any team.

we were seated at the padang grandstand and we had a great view of the circuit plus the magnificent buildings like the old and new supreme court, city hall, parliament house and swissotel the stamford.

a lewis hamilton fan

while walking around, a police officer asked for my ticket which was crazy because i had it around my neck all along. he insisted on having a closer look at it and i was this close to getting angry because i was singled out among all the people there until i realized it was benson, an LTA officer I coordinate with at work. I just didnt recognize him with the uniform hehe.

it was a 3-day event and we usually arrive early to just walk and have a drink first. we ecountered these cute cowgirls after our first round of beer.

my turn with the cowgirls

padang grandstand

me talking to a weird creature

my dad and my brother-in-law are both ferrari fanatics and they asked me to get them ferrari shirts

a blurry maclaren

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