Monday, November 10, 2008

cameron highlands with augs

since i came to singapore in 2005, augs would make it a point to visit us every year. this year, we've decided to bring him to malaysia for a change. the plan was a roadtrip from singapore to cameron highlands and kuala lumpur.

we chose the highlands because of the nice cool weather, picturesque tea plantations, a chance to do some mountain treks, and of course strawberries!

the drive to cameron highlands usually takes around 6 hours or less but it took us more than that to reach our guesthouse - we got distracted by the lovely scenery along the way.

bharat tea plantation

having tea and scones while admiring the view

we booked a night in bala's holiday chalet and we were very charmed with the english style inn. it is one of the oldest buildings in the area and used to be a boarding school for expatriate children. it was also nice just to stay in the patio where you can have a view of the mountains or just admire their lovely garden while having breakfast.

bala's holiday chalet

for dinner, we decided to check out the famous ye olde smokehouse. which turned out to be a very nice meal -warm fireplace, authentic english food, pretty garden with a red phone booth, and good friends for company. pretty expensive too but what the heck.

while looking at the menu at ye ole smokehouse

dinner at ye ole smokehouse

it was also mooncake festival (in singapore) that night so cath was on the hunt for a mooncake. we found one at starbucks, she said you can make a wish while staring at the moon and having a piece of mooncake.

wish upon a moon while eating mooncake on mid-autumn's night

the next day, we decided to do a little trekking and followed some jungle trek routes. it was a lovely trek - we got lost for a bit but we found the small summit even with the crappy map. if we had more time, we could have covered more area and made it to the tea plantation or strawberry farm on foot. ah next time i hope.

reaching the summit


after buying fresh strawberries, strawberry jams, and strawberry ice candies in the strawberry farm, our last stop was the boh tea plantation. we had another round of tea and scones on the ummph tea shop overlooking the plantation before climbing a small hill to get a 360 degree view of the tea estate.

anet, augs and cath surrounded by tea shrubs

my good friend jao wanted to come with us to cameron highlands but she couldnt due to some corny reason so i just brought a magazine featuring her instead.


jao said...

haha! craaaazy!!

xieurx said...

hahaha natawa ako sa last pic :p

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