Saturday, September 20, 2008

port dickson-sepang-kuala lumpur

we got a bit of a sunburn walking all day in melaka the previous day, so desperate to escape the scorching heat - we decided to watch some fast cars racing in sepang circuit.

yummy seafood at port dickson!

sepang was around 2.5 hours drive from melaka, and on the way there we stopped by for a very excellent seafood lunch at port dickson.

afternoon siesta at port dickson beach

there was nothing much to see in port dickson except this stretch of beach wherein we found locals collecting small clams (for their lunch maybe?). some even brought buckets and rakes.

locals collecting clams on the beach

the cars were really fast and noisy. and it was very sunny and i was still full from our lunch - so i got really nothing much to say in sepang except i got sleepy.

asian car race at sepang circuit

after the race, there were lots of different cars on display and cath fell in love with this hello kitty car.

cath's dream car

anet hasn't seen the petronas towers in KL yet so we've decided to take her there for dinner. the twin towers as usual look magnificent especially at night. while anet and cath checked out the shops in KLCC shopping center, simon and i stayed and hang out on the grassy part of the park while admiring the towers.
petronas towers

we were all starving after the girls' (window)shopping and so we didnt have much choice except get our dinner from kfc. anyway, cath said kfc is better in KL than in singapore(kfc singapore is really not good).
cannot believe we're having dinner in kuala lumpur at kfc inside a mall

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