Sunday, September 21, 2008

hello kitty lantern festival

after surviving his first hot yoga session, we've decided to celebrate and check out the lantern festival in chinese gardens. the theme was hello kitty and friends races and we loved it! they got lion dances, acrobat stunts and fireworks to top the night but unfortunately for us, no ice cream anywhere in the park. the festival was a lot of fun and was worth the 15sgd entrance, it only runs until september 28 so if you're a hello kitty fan - better head to chinese gardens soon :)

hello kitty grand welcome bridge

f8 hello kitty races

me with hello kitty friends



simon at the garden of beauties

mongolian race day

at the moon walk

sailboat racing

fireworks at the lake

me and simon beside the lake

totem poles

at the happiness in abundance

simon with lantern

with my melody

1 comment:

cath said...

lala, nagpunta rin ako dito, syempre di ko to papalampasin, hello kitty ata to... :)

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