Sunday, September 21, 2008

hello kitty lantern festival

after surviving his first hot yoga session, we've decided to celebrate and check out the lantern festival in chinese gardens. the theme was hello kitty and friends races and we loved it! they got lion dances, acrobat stunts and fireworks to top the night but unfortunately for us, no ice cream anywhere in the park. the festival was a lot of fun and was worth the 15sgd entrance, it only runs until september 28 so if you're a hello kitty fan - better head to chinese gardens soon :)

hello kitty grand welcome bridge

f8 hello kitty races

me with hello kitty friends



simon at the garden of beauties

mongolian race day

at the moon walk

sailboat racing

fireworks at the lake

me and simon beside the lake

totem poles

at the happiness in abundance

simon with lantern

with my melody

Saturday, September 20, 2008

port dickson-sepang-kuala lumpur

we got a bit of a sunburn walking all day in melaka the previous day, so desperate to escape the scorching heat - we decided to watch some fast cars racing in sepang circuit.

yummy seafood at port dickson!

sepang was around 2.5 hours drive from melaka, and on the way there we stopped by for a very excellent seafood lunch at port dickson.

afternoon siesta at port dickson beach

there was nothing much to see in port dickson except this stretch of beach wherein we found locals collecting small clams (for their lunch maybe?). some even brought buckets and rakes.

locals collecting clams on the beach

the cars were really fast and noisy. and it was very sunny and i was still full from our lunch - so i got really nothing much to say in sepang except i got sleepy.

asian car race at sepang circuit

after the race, there were lots of different cars on display and cath fell in love with this hello kitty car.

cath's dream car

anet hasn't seen the petronas towers in KL yet so we've decided to take her there for dinner. the twin towers as usual look magnificent especially at night. while anet and cath checked out the shops in KLCC shopping center, simon and i stayed and hang out on the grassy part of the park while admiring the towers.
petronas towers

we were all starving after the girls' (window)shopping and so we didnt have much choice except get our dinner from kfc. anyway, cath said kfc is better in KL than in singapore(kfc singapore is really not good).
cannot believe we're having dinner in kuala lumpur at kfc inside a mall

Monday, September 01, 2008


melaka has always been on our must go places, and after 3 years of living in singapore - we finally crossed it out of our list!

the town was just under 3 hours drive from singapore, and we arrived just after midnight.

melaka at night

the town surprisingly was still awake - we had a few bottles of beer, a pitcher of margarita, a dozen sticks of chicken satay, some laughs, and i told them the story of the coconut king i saw on the news just the previous night - an old man from melaka who can punch a hole on a coconut using his forefinger! we still had the energy to walk around the sleeping town around 3am.

hotel puri

next day, we had to drag ourselves out of bed. we even missed breakfast! we explored our hotel - and found it very charming. it was a restored peranakan house (peranakan is a mixture of chinese and malay culture), and we really like it. when we booked our reservation online, we were quite hesitant because cath thought it looked like a haunted house. we promised to ourselves we will wake up for breakfast on the hotel's lovely courtyard the following morning.

hotel puri junior suite room

everything about the hotel exudes traditional peranakan architecture except for the rooms which were very modern and comfortable. we loved the spacious bathrooms, the big lcd tv, the wooden floors and the beds :).

lala, cath and anet at christ church melaka

if there was one thing that first attracted me to melaka, it was this red church. melaka was long ago occupied by portugese, then the dutch came and then british. this red church along with the other red building in the square(stadthuys square) was built by the dutch.

from left to right: 1) walking around melaka, 2) a wooden water wheel overlooking the melaka river, 3) maritime museum which was constructed after flora de la mar, the portuguese ship that sank off the coast of malacca on its way to portugal, 4) people queueing up at hoe kee for chicken rice

simon with a wooden sculpture(newspaper holder?) while waiting for us girls look around the shops

from left to right: pineapple tarts, auntie baking pinapple tarts, yummy chinchalok(shrimp paste), assorted dimsum, gula melaka, caramelized fruits, jonker street on a saturday afternoon, chicken rice balls, chicken rice

melaka food! gula melaka and devil's curry was a bit letdown but the rest was quite good, we spent our saturday afternoon just munching along while walking around the busy jonker street.

jonket street at night (on a weekend)

the coconut king showing off his power finger

yes we found the coconut king on jonker street! i couldn't believe our luck hehe. before doing his main act, he did some fancy kicking and fire eating first. we waited for a loong time because he was still gathering crowds and then he saw simon and asked him to volunteer. i guess he was an easy pick being an angmoh among a crowd of asians. he was asked to throw a playing card as hard as he can and of course simon throwed it very girly-like. coconut king showed him the right way, which was throwing it very fast like a blade. then came the main event, the coconut piercing. honestly it was painful to watch, he was really hurting and then he used some oil and the pain magically disappeared. many people from the audience bought his oil(10 MYR) and even we bought some - after all he was entertaining. (and my lowerback hurts, maybe it really works!)

the next morning - simon with a hangover after more beer and a pitcher of blue margarita the previous night

more photos on my smugmug

next stop: portdickson-sepang-kuala lumpur road trip

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