Saturday, August 30, 2008

pulau aur

it was a reunion of sorts. finally diving again with miko - our last dive was back in 2005 when we got our open water license. i also invited serene to join us - my latest buddy from a recent dive in pulau dayang.

this time, we've decided to stay in pulau aur. it is an island 65km off mersing - popular to singaporean divers because of its proximity to singapore. we dont need to fly to get there thus making it possible for us to board the bus on a friday night and return to singapore on sunday night. travel time though was 10 hours to the island, and then another 10 hours back. and i have to admit i hated those 20 hours - our suicidal bus driver made it impossible for us to sleep and the freezing cold boat ride was just crazy.

where we stayed (atlantis bay resort in pulau aur). they provided our meals, dormitories, tanks, fills, dive boat and divemaster. we like the small resort, i think they can only accomodate less than 50 divers which made it not crowded at all. the food was great also, though you have to be early for the buffet meals because sometimes they ran out of refills. we especially like their home-made sambal chili. yummy!

from left to right: 1) divemaster nash, 2) a skunk nemo, 3) school of yellow fusiliers, 4) lizard fish, 5) coral, 6) christmas tree worms

the diving was not spectacular. okay, i was not impressed. it was kinda sad when we went for a dawn dive(our first time) - we were up as early as before 5am and all i saw were 2 lionfish, 1 nudibranch and a couple of butterflyfish.

snorkeling with serene during our surface interval.

there was nothing special about the dives but we had fun. it was a blast hanging out with my 2 buddies, our very cool dm and the folks from our dive boat.

with buddy miko (dive addict!)

lala and serene on our diveboat

serene, lala, dm nash and miko


i think next time, i'll drag miko and serene for some excellent philippine diving.

more photos on my smugmug

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jao said...

wala na si eeyore dito ah... =D

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