Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ski 360 @ east coast park

one sunny saturday morning with miko, raycee and alan. our first time to try cable skiing - we tried kneeboarding first(a bit bumpy sometimes but relatively easy after a few tries). we noticed only kids and old people and us were using the kneeboards so later on we shifted to skis :). double ski was more complicated and i fell so many times - its either i wasnt leaning back enough or i was leaning too much on my side or i was trying to straighten my legs too early - i always end up on the water with the skis floating beside me.

as expected, raycee (aka mr.accident prone) got himself a bloody knee and got a free 30-minute weekend pass because of it!
lets get ready to rumble :)

on our way to the ski 360 park

miko, lala and alan with kneeboards

miko was the first to try :)

eto na si mr accident prone. and he's blaming the mossy path as always

after my nth time to fall on the skis

our 2 hour pass(64 sgd on a weekend) went by so fast that we didnt even get to try the wakeboards. we'll definitely be back!

at the hawker just beside the ski360 - nasi ayam penyet(yummy!), fried hokkien mee and satay


xieurx said...

hahaha! kasama nyo si alan! officemate ko dati yan! :) hihi, small world :)

Jhie said...

Hi Lala! Alam mo, palagi na lang ako nagugulat pag napapadaan ako dito sa blog mo. Una kay Bogs & Aline... kilala mo rin pala sila. Officemates ko sila dati sa Safeway. Ngayon si Alan. Haha! Classmate ko yan dati sa UP. :)

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