Friday, April 11, 2008

pulau ubin

i admit it is a bit ridiculous. i've been living here in singapore for almost 3 years now and ive never set foot on pulau ubin yet. and to think i live in the east coast side which is just a bike and bumboat away from this island.

in fact it is so near that i just biked from my house to the ferry terminal in less than an hour and a half. and there i waited.. and waited for my friends.
9am: ok im still early. i'll just wait for them while i watch the bumboats come and go. (these are the bumboats bound for pulau ubin)

10am: they're kinda late but its all right. the view is nice and i get to see people load their bikes on the boats just like this group.

10:30am: they are very late. i'll just cycle and walk around the changi beach. i found a doll's lower body.

11am: they finally arrived and we've decided to get some lunch first at the nearby changi village hawker center. this stall is very popular for its nasi lemak.

after the 10-minute bumboat ride(2 sgd per person), we arrived in pulau ubin. here's anet and cath checking out the bikes for rent

denden didnt know how to bike so she and roy had to get the tandem bike. here's roy looking very exhausted. tandem bike is just not fit for this trail. our next project is to teach denden how to bike :)

cath, roy, denden and anet having a break

we weren't able to cover much ground - not with roy and denden's tandem bike in tow. and the rain did not help at all. by mid afternoon, it started to pour down really hard and we were stuck in some sheds most of the time. it was still fun just hanging out with these guys. here we are at the chek jawa mangrove tower, it was a bit scary because while we were climbing the tower, we saw a few lightnings.

pulau ubin with miko

i had to come back, i didnt see much the last time(2 weeks ago) i went to pulau ubin. this time i asked my old dive buddy miko to come with me.

we were early this time. we had a quick roti prata breakfast at the changi village hawker centre and then we're off to pulau ubin. here's miko and my bike during our 10-minute bumboat ride. (2 sgd per person plus 2 sgd for my bike)

decent mountain bikes with disc brakes for rent (20 sgd)

miko and his bike at the ketam mountain bike park

it was a very hot day and we really wanted to dip in the water. it wasnt inviting at all though, we found some rubbish here and there.

we passed by a chinese cemetery just beside one of the bike trails. most of the tombstones have a photo of the dead.

lunch at last! we had steamed fish, prawns, kangkong and heineken! :)

miko trying to say "we're lost!"

a fiddler crab we found in chek jawa wetlands. we saw colonies of them!

miko and me at the chek jawa coastal walkway

the chek jawa coastal walkway and the very green seagrass bed

uncle cleaning my bike :)

it was a fun day. we cycled on some nice trails and saw a big monitor lizard, colorful birds, fiddler crabs and mudskippers along the way. miko said he'll buy a bike soon. i want to come back to pulau ubin soon :)

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jao said...

I see somebody's been busy ;)

So anong feeling ng nag aantay sa mga late? saya noh? beh.

Long hair si buddy Miko ah... sama sya sa Pandan!

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