Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sa El Nido Town

after our 3 days in miniloc island, my parents and sister departed for manila while jao and i opted to stay for a few more days. we felt right at home in el nido town.

our first task was to find a place to stay and look at what we've found! a beachfront bungalow for 900 pesos! look how happy jao was (chizlyk cottage)

here's another shot taken from the beach. that's our house in the middle near the big tree. at dusk, we got a bit of a high tide and the water almost touched our gate. very nice. and peaceful. loved it how we can hear the waves from our beds :)

we were just walking and trying to look for a diveshop when we found these ladies selling their day's catch (tanigue?)

sleepy town of el nido

and since we spent all our money in miniloc, this is what we've been eating here - banana cue!

and isaw too! sarap! (grilled pig/chicken intestines)

and balut of course!

we went diving the next day, thats jao with a big school of yellow snappers

and more yellow snappers...

sumisu island. we had our lunch/safety stop on this gorgeous island after dive #1

jao took this picture while i was trying to pee on my legs. yup you heard that right. my right leg was stung by lots of jellyfish during our first dive. it had these big ugly red swells when we surfaced so i tried this first aid trick. now i know urine does not help jellyfish stings at all. :(

we couldnt get the the beachfront house(chizlyk cottage) for our second day since it was already reserved so they helped us look for another beachfront house. this was our view from our new house(marina garden beach resort). nice! we even got our own hammock :) and we got it for only 700 pesos!

kids hanging out in a sari-sari store

walking around the town's market, looking for pasalubong

view from our hammock

where to stay:
chizlyk cottage - best beachfront cottages in el nido town according to us. P900 a night. call anna bacsa at 09198799333. she only has 3 rooms so book early.
marina garden beach resort - nice cottages also. plus i love their hammocks. and cheap too. P700 a night

tricycle from town to LIO airport - P150
everywhere else is walking distance

el nido marine club - 2200 for 2 fun dives
palawan divers - 2300 for 2 fun dives + a brief stop at small lagoon

where to eat:
el nido boutique and art cafe - jao loved their ginger something cake. i liked their fresh orange juice. we bought our souvenir shirts from here also.

pura vida - they got a very nice view of the limestone cliffs and surrounding waters. jao didnt like their banana shake though. i only had a few bottles of san mig light. beer's cold so im happy :)

squidos - their breaded squid was good. and jao liked their pizza. plus you can watch football matches here.

cafe taiyo - garlic shrimp was delicious. and jao's pancit bihon was yummy too.

more el nido town photos here

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