Thursday, November 29, 2007


an old man and me walking in a narrow alley in hoi an

we spent 10 days in vietnam, and it rained everyday. well thats not exactly right, it rained everyday except on our last day but by then the rain didnt bother us anymore. we braved typhoons, floods, trains that wouldnt work, and a 5-dollar tour that i would never ever want to do again.

i had my brother jay with me by the way. its our first trip together and its a miracle we were able to resist the urge to kill each other. he hated it when we lost our way which happened a lot, and was very irritable especially when he's hungry or didnt like the food he just had. i, on the other hand, rely heavily on my navigating skills and didnt like asking people for directions and yeah, i was a bit of a dictator sometimes(im older than him!).

we quickly forget our quarrels though when we had a great meal, or very cheap beer, or found a nice hotel room, or just been dumbfounded by the beautiful sights of vietnam. because that's how amazing this country is - not floods, not our bickerings can ruin this trip.

my brother - the mental. (central market, hoi an)

coming soon: saigon, hoi an, hue and hanoi stories

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