Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bohol Vol. 1 - Nuts Huts

the jungle or the beach? a few days ago, i would have assumed she would say yes to both but our recent malapascua trip has proved that she's not that fond of the beach. how can i not know that fact about my sister? and so she chose the jungle, and that's where we stayed in bohol for 4 days and 3 nights.

nuts huts is situated along the banks of loboc river and surrounded by hills. the huts are built on stilts and most of the huts have a veranda facing the river. all the huts are named after a movie and our hut's name was "rising sun". our room was very simple - 2 single beds with mosquito nets, an electric fan and a bathroom. it was perfect!

200+ steps to nuts huts

to reach the restaurant, you must climb 150 steps(we counted!). there were hammocks and pillows and books, they even got a table tennis table, we just chose our spot and relaxed. the restaurant had a great view of the surrounding hills and the river and when it began to get dark, some of the nearby trees were lit up with fireflies.

there was only one couple aside from us and they soon left so we had the restaurant to ourselves. our dinner was very good, price is ok and the serving is big. we had a lot of leftover and the staff told us they can keep it on their refrigerator and we can ask for it the following day, talk about service!

nuts huts is also an excellent jump-off for a lot of activities in bohol and they offer a lot of services: sauna and massage, hiking, caving, biking, firefly boat trip, motorbike rentals, etc. since i was planning to go diving in balicasag island the next day, my sister booked a guided cave hike for herself plus sauna and massage afterwards.

docking area to nuts huts if you're arriving by boat

how to get there:
from loboc town, you can hire a boat to take you to nuts huts for P80 per person. or from the nuts huts sign along the highway just a few kilometers after loboc town, you can walk for 15 minutes until you reach the resort. its a bit of a rough road though so its only safe to walk before it gets dark, otherwise bring a torch and wear a good pair of hiking shoes.

room rates:
standard room - P450
VIPA room - P650 (this is where we stayed)
dorm beds - P250-350
family dorm beds - P200

other rates:
mountain bikes - P400 a day
motorbike - P500 without driver or P700 with driver
caving - P200
massage and sauna - P500

contact number:
lily(she's the best!) +639208461559


LAWSTUDE said...

Never been to that resort in Bohol but I have been to Loboc too. Your account of the place brings good memories. Just been to Cebu and I am now planning to go to Siquijor. Nice blog here. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lala,

You were referred by a former officemate and I'm wondering if you would be interested to explore opportunities with DKS. If yes, please do send me your resume through or contact me through +63 2 849-2448.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Anna de los Reyes

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
What is Lily best for? :)

becomingme said...


ive notice a lot of stairs in nuts huts, would you advise older people to stay in nuts huts? im planning to take my mom & her friend with me in bohol. any other suggested resorts? hope you don't mind.

tnx for the info on your blog, very helpful!

Bali huts said...

That seem s a nice hut to stay. It can surely provide comfort and keep you cool.

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