Tuesday, May 29, 2007


UOB Ultimate DragonTug Showdown on Boat Quay last May 20*

This is the event info I got from from http://www.dragontug.com/:

100 tug of war matches. 70+ teams. 12 crew each. You sprint, come within 1 meter of the target, than tug your way to victory. Power wins.

A dragon boat regatta with a super-charged adrenalin twist. Two teams, head to head in 12-crew boats. At push-off, the sprint begins. Where both teams are evenly matched, both reach within approximately 1 meter of the Victory Flag, restrained by the tough cable that links both boats. The ultimate tug of war begins. The winner tugs ahead and claims the Victory Flag. Round Robin, Knockouts, Semi Finals, Finals. Are you the Ultimate DragonTug Champion?

Both our men's and women's team won 3 heats apiece but we lost during the semis(huhu). The race was very interesting and fun though, especially when the common cable gets restrained and everybody is yanked on the boat. Some boats even capsized hehe. I'm still uploading the pictures so stay tuned :)

* above photo taken by N. (SPC Girls versus Germany)


Anonymous said...

aba kumikinang pa biceps mo ah :p

xieurx said...

parang ang saya! :)

-jao said...

galing ng shot! buti bow side ka :)

lala said...

tse! wala ka lang lovelife!

sana nga gawin din yan sa pinas. korek masaya sya :)

ayoko bow side. napilitan lang ako dyan. uy see you next week hihi

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