Monday, December 17, 2007

way to hoi an

it was supposed to be so easy - just take the midnight train from saigon to danang, then grab a cab to hoi an. the guidebook said it should only take us around 16 hours, that's 15 hours by train and 45 minutes by cab. it took us 40 bloody hours.

jay setting up his bed on the train to danang (upper soft sleeper)

the train journey was very relaxing, until we woke up the following day and saw how bad the weather was. the rain wouldnt stop and we passed by some heavy floods. oh boy.


rainy outside

we also saw loads of cemeteries/tombs. in their culture, living near a cemetery is considered bad luck so in a countryside like what we passed by, cemeteries are isolated from the villages.

an isolated tomb

a countryside cemetery

16 hours later, we arrived in danang. we looked for a cab together with a british guy we met on the train who was also on his way to hoi an. got a taxi for 15 usd which was not bad since we can divide the fare into three. we again passed by a lot of flooded areas but we still arrived in hoi an town in less than an hour. the street to our hotel though was flooded - the driver was telling us it was neck-deep so we had to look for other hotels but everyone was fully booked already. they had one advice to us - go back to danang. so thats what we did, but even in danang the first few hotels we checked were either flooded or fully-booked. we were wet and hungry and homeless. we found an ok-looking hotel after sometime and i have to say our taxi driver was very kind, he was very helpful and didnt overcharge us or anything.

so we got a very nice room with a big bathroom for 22 usd. and a tv and a nice view of the grim weather outside. we were happy for about 10 minutes until the power died. power was like that until the next day but its still ok because at least we were safe. it was also very hard to get a meal because of the damn rain but we managed to get a pho(soup) outside the hotel, which was not good at all. first meal we didnt like in vietnam, and first time i saw jay in a very foul mood. we were able to get a couple of delicious pao across our hotel though so jay brighten up a bit after a while.

the next day, weather was still bad. we were bored but didnt want to go out and get wet so we just watched tv and slept. by 12 noon though, rain suddenly stopped and when i called phuoc an hotel in hoi an, they said the flood has subsided in some areas and they got a spare room(25 usd for a twin room) for us so right there and then, we packed our stuff and waited for our cab(12 usd).

i guess the lesson here is dont give up :). weather will clear up after some time so just wait it out, after all hoi an is a unesco world heritage site so its worth the trouble. and never ever feed your starving brother a no good pho.

coming soon: hoi an

where to stay:
in danang
xuan hung hotel (22 usd for a twin room)
56 phan chu trinh street, danang city
(84.511) 843 333

in hoi an
phuoc an hotel (25 usd for a twin room, much cheaper on a non peak season)
31/1 tran cao van street, hoi an town
(84.510) 916757

how to get to hoi an from saigon:
taxi from pham ngu lao to train - 40,000 dong
upper soft sleeper - 1,184,000 for 2 people
taxi from danang train station to hoi an town - 12-15 usd

we didnt have enough time to get the tickets from the railway tourist services so we bought our tickets from TNK travel agency just below anan2 hotel(pham ngu lao), i think they charged us 12 usd

Saturday, December 01, 2007


if there's one good thing that came about for bringing my brother on this trip - it's having him along while trying to cross the streets of motorbike-crazy saigon. i dreaded it every time, didn't know if i should just run all the way till i reach the other side of the street (very dangerous!) or just wait for other pedestrians to cross first (might take a loong time) or let all the motorbikes pass before i cross (not possible). my brother's technique which was very effective was to cross slowly, making sure that the motorcyclists are aware of you which will give them enough time to stop or go faster (the bastards).

we stayed in pham ngu lao - a popular street for backpackers. our hotel an an 2(20 usd a night) had a very good location - you can go on foot to see the city's sights - museums, government buildings, cathedrals, and markets. the area was also teeming with small shops and we enjoyed going through them especially after a few hours inside a museum. i got a kick out of their "fake" bookstores, you can buy lonely planet books for 6 dollars, pop fictions for 3 dollars. lots of cafes and restaurants around the area and it seemed like we couldn't go wrong when ordering food. everything tasted great! we also loved the coffee where they serve with the metal strainer, the yummy french ice cream, and the ice cold beer was perfect especially after a long day of wandering around. it was amusing how most of the pubs got these lawn chairs all facing the street - you can just watch as motorbikes, tourists and locals alike pass by.

travel agencies also abound the city and they offer lots of cheap services. from open-tour bus tickets, motorbike rentals, to guided tours. for our second day, we decided to take the 5-dollar cu chi tunnel and cao dai temple tour. was it the best idea? i don't think so but for 5 dollars for a whole day tour, it certainly was cheap.

factory of inlaid mother-of-pearl furnitures

we were early for the tour, but my brother forgot his psp and cash so he had to go back to our hotel room which made the whole bus wait for 5 minutes which ticked our tour guide. we stopped first at a factory of inlaid mother-of-pearl furnitures, it was quite interesting how they do it - very intricate designs so sometimes it takes them weeks or months to finish one design. i had to go to the washroom though before going back to the bus which made me what - 2 minutes late. our tour guide wasnt very happy with me, i tell you. after that, no more late incidents but it seemed our goal for every stop we made was not to be late. it kind of took the fun out of the trip. one of the many reasons why i dont like guided tours - always feels like you're being herded like sheep. (ok i was wrong for being late but still..)

inside tay ninh holy see - jesus, confucius, buddha(?), muhammad(?) and other gods/saints i cannot recognize

our next stop was the cao dai temple - home of the weirdest religion ive ever seen. they combine the teachings of buddha, mohammed, confucius, jesus, moses and some bits from lenin and victor hugo. cao dai philiosophy is "all religions are one" so a cao dai disciple accepts all religion. at noon everyday, a prayer session is conducted where it is possible to see and take pictures of the disciples worshipping.

jay trying out the hidden trapdoor

after a relaxing lunch, we headed straight to the restored cu chi tunnels - a tunnel network used by the viet cong during the vietnam war. i would have to say jay enjoyed this place, he tried everything(which means i had to try it too) - from going inside small wooden trapdoors to crawling inside a dark and tiny tunnel that made me feel a bit claustrophobic to firing a few rounds of ak-47.

we spent one more day in saigon, just checking out the museums and other sights as we wait for our midnight train trip to danang(central vietnam). looking at the reunification palace/war remnants museum/the musuem of ho chi minh city, this country's history says it loud and clear - the vietnamese will fight and die for his independence.

"The southern mountains and rivers belong to the viet people,
It was so written clearly in the celestial book.
Those who dare attack our territory,
will be immediately and pitilessly annihilated."
- Marshall Ly Thuong Kiet
XIth century
(a quote we found in the war remnants museum)

mural in museum of hcmc

more pictures on my smugmug

Thursday, November 29, 2007


an old man and me walking in a narrow alley in hoi an

we spent 10 days in vietnam, and it rained everyday. well thats not exactly right, it rained everyday except on our last day but by then the rain didnt bother us anymore. we braved typhoons, floods, trains that wouldnt work, and a 5-dollar tour that i would never ever want to do again.

i had my brother jay with me by the way. its our first trip together and its a miracle we were able to resist the urge to kill each other. he hated it when we lost our way which happened a lot, and was very irritable especially when he's hungry or didnt like the food he just had. i, on the other hand, rely heavily on my navigating skills and didnt like asking people for directions and yeah, i was a bit of a dictator sometimes(im older than him!).

we quickly forget our quarrels though when we had a great meal, or very cheap beer, or found a nice hotel room, or just been dumbfounded by the beautiful sights of vietnam. because that's how amazing this country is - not floods, not our bickerings can ruin this trip.

my brother - the mental. (central market, hoi an)

coming soon: saigon, hoi an, hue and hanoi stories

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yo means "cheers" in vietnamese. Its our second night now in Saigon, and we are having a blast. Its a 10-day trip and we've got lots and lots more to see, more bia(beer) to drink. Yo!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bohol Vol. 1 - Nuts Huts

the jungle or the beach? a few days ago, i would have assumed she would say yes to both but our recent malapascua trip has proved that she's not that fond of the beach. how can i not know that fact about my sister? and so she chose the jungle, and that's where we stayed in bohol for 4 days and 3 nights.

nuts huts is situated along the banks of loboc river and surrounded by hills. the huts are built on stilts and most of the huts have a veranda facing the river. all the huts are named after a movie and our hut's name was "rising sun". our room was very simple - 2 single beds with mosquito nets, an electric fan and a bathroom. it was perfect!

200+ steps to nuts huts

to reach the restaurant, you must climb 150 steps(we counted!). there were hammocks and pillows and books, they even got a table tennis table, we just chose our spot and relaxed. the restaurant had a great view of the surrounding hills and the river and when it began to get dark, some of the nearby trees were lit up with fireflies.

there was only one couple aside from us and they soon left so we had the restaurant to ourselves. our dinner was very good, price is ok and the serving is big. we had a lot of leftover and the staff told us they can keep it on their refrigerator and we can ask for it the following day, talk about service!

nuts huts is also an excellent jump-off for a lot of activities in bohol and they offer a lot of services: sauna and massage, hiking, caving, biking, firefly boat trip, motorbike rentals, etc. since i was planning to go diving in balicasag island the next day, my sister booked a guided cave hike for herself plus sauna and massage afterwards.

docking area to nuts huts if you're arriving by boat

how to get there:
from loboc town, you can hire a boat to take you to nuts huts for P80 per person. or from the nuts huts sign along the highway just a few kilometers after loboc town, you can walk for 15 minutes until you reach the resort. its a bit of a rough road though so its only safe to walk before it gets dark, otherwise bring a torch and wear a good pair of hiking shoes.

room rates:
standard room - P450
VIPA room - P650 (this is where we stayed)
dorm beds - P250-350
family dorm beds - P200

other rates:
mountain bikes - P400 a day
motorbike - P500 without driver or P700 with driver
caving - P200
massage and sauna - P500

contact number:
lily(she's the best!) +639208461559

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

cebu trip

Day 1

ang kabilin-bilinan sa akin ng mga ka-opisina kong tiga-cebu ay wag na wag akong pupunta sa colon. magulo daw, maingay, delikado. awa ng diyos, pagdating namin sa downtown cebu buhat sa malapascua island ay dumiretso na kami sa isang hotel sa colon.

ang colon pala ang pinakamatandang lansangan sa pilipinas. para sa kin, para syang taft avenue o kaya quiapo pero mas konti ang tao. binaba lang namin ang gamit namin sa hotel at pagkatapos ay dumiretso na kami sa magellan's cross na ilang minuto lang ang layo mula sa tinitirhan namin.

di ako makapaniwala nang ituro ni jao ang magellan's cross, ang liit lang pala nito! sa mga libro at video kase nung nag-aaral pa ako ay parang ang laki-laki ng lugar na ito. ang krus na ito ay isang simbulo ng cebu at masasabi na ring simbulo ng simbahang katoliko sa pilipinas.

mag-aalas-7 ng gabi na kami dumating kaya sarado na pala ang chapel kung saan nakatayo ang magellan's cross, buti na lang at kaya pa rin itong silipin mula sa labas. gusto rin sana namin pumasok sa basilical minore del sto. nino pero sarado na rin. babalik na lang kami kinabukasan.

may kaibigan si jao sa cebu, at inimbitahan kaming pumunta sa isang birthday party ng gabing iyon. pinahiram din pala kami ng kotse at driver ng kaibigan nyang ito kaya syempre di na namin tinanggihan pa ang libreng tsibog. panalo ang party na yun! may lechon baka, lechon baboy, lobsters, alimango, scallops, kuhol, hipon, fortune cookies at marami pang iba!

matapos naming maubos halos ang handa ng party, ay dumiretso na kami sa Tops. ito ang version ng cebu sa antipolo, mula sa lugar na ito ay makikita ang buong metro cebu at iba pang karatig-isla. napakalamig sa Tops! sikat nga daw itong pasyalan ng mga magka-kasintahan. ang view dito ay napakaganda, parang napakaraming christmas lights ang buong cebu kapag gabi.

Day 2

umagang-umaga pa lang ay dumiretso na ulit kami sa Magellan's cross. sa pagkakataong ito ay bukas na ang chapel at ang sto nino church. maraming deboto ang sto. nino, maaga pa pero marami ng tao. kakaiba ang mood sa simbahan na ito, masaya! kumakaway ang mga tao para batiin ang sto nino at pag-aalis na ay kakaway ulit para magpaalam. ang pagkaway na ito ay hango daw sa sayaw ng sinulog kung saan ginagaya ng sumasayaw ang pag-agos ng tubig sa ilog.

plantation bay talaga ang sadya namin nung umagang yun pero dumaan muna kami ng sandali sa tabo-an market kung saan mabentang-mabenta ang danggit at dried squid. nadaanan din namin ang mactan shrine - dito nakatayo ang magellan marker kung saan namatay si magellan. at syempre may monumento si lapu-lapu dito.

katabi lang ng shrine ang sutukil, sikat na seafood restaurant pero kulang na kami sa oras kaya dumiretso na kami sa plantation bay. kakaiba ang resort na ito, sa entrance pa lang ay mapapansin mo na ang mangrove plantation. bawat villa sa resort ay malapit sa malaking man-made saltwater lagoon. ang daming water activities(dive!) na pwedeng gawin pero syempre ang pinakamasarap ay magrelax lang. di nga lang pasok sa budget namin kaya naglakad-lakad lang kami.

pa-diretsong bohol kami ni bonch ng tanghaling yun samantalang sina jao at jac naman ay pabalik na ng manila. pero bago kami naghiwa-hiwalay ay pinakain na naman kami ng kaibigan ni jao sa isang grill restaurant(AA Grill Restaurant) na malapit sa pier. sikat nga pala ang cebu sa mga grill restaurant at ang masasabi ko lang ay panalo ito sa sarap!

mga natutunan sa trip na ito:
1. wag maging paranoid, puntahan ang colon!
2. kapag pumunta ka sa tabo-an market, mangangamoy danggit ka talaga kahit di ka pa bumili. magshower pagkatapos.
3. ang sarap kumain sa cebu, subukan lalo na ang isa sa mga naglipanang grill restaurants
4. ang bait ng mga cebuano. salamat mr. lolito! salamat na rin jao hehe

more cebu photos

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Malapascua Island

i just wanted to get out singapore for a while. spend a few days on the beach and explore cebu and bohol with friends. i was sort of hoping i can also dive which i wasnt sure i still can because i havent gone diving in years.

Day 1

we arrived on the island a few hours after lunch time, we were tired and hungry and we just checked in on the first resort we saw. it turned out be an excellent idea because we got a beach-front bungalow for only P2000 with free breakfast, very very cheap since june is not a peak season anymore haha! after congratulating ourselves on getting a top-notch accomodation, we head out to the nearby ging-ging's eatery for food. i couldnt remember what we had for lunch now, all i can recall were the horrible horrible flies. they were everywhere even with the electric fan in the background - so while we were eating, one of us was trying to keep the flies away.

we found a dive resort soon after, and the divemaster said i can still dive(yes!) as long as i take a check-up dive first. he said i can take my check-up dive first thing the following day, around 6am just in time to see the thresher sharks. huwaaat?! i was scared and excited at the same time but looking back now, i was really scared. so i backed out which wasnt like me at all. i never back out. "patay kung patay" or "never say never" used to be my mantra haha.

i just wasnt ready to see sharks yet so i signed up for a safer dive, id be very happy to see small fish and corals. jao on the other hand, signed up for the thresher shark dive. angas! divers go to malapascua to swim with the thresher sharks, they are big but harmless and very famous for their exceptionally long and thresher-like tails. they live in deep waters but swim daily on monad shoal dive spot to be cleaned by cleaner fish.

jac, jao and i swam for awhile while my sister slept. it was quite nice, the sand wasnt that fine but it was very peaceful. there were only a handful of visitors on the island and most are divers. after watching the beautiful sunset(no tripod!), we tried the la isla bonita for dinner. the food was very good especially the fish sarsiado.

at night, the island is dark and quiet. community generator only runs during the day and only a handful resorts has 24 hour electricity. we spent our nights lying on the beach, counting shootings stars until we get sleepy. (bring a torch)

Day 2
i woke up to the sound of the ocean waves and jao's silly grin. she just got back from her thresher shark dive and she saw one, gedemit! it was a very fast sighting but she had a glimpse so she's a one happy diver. we had our breakfast and then it was time to go to the dive shop for my check-up dive. only jao and i will be diving, jac will just hang out with us and snorkel while my sister will just stay on the island. bonch didnt want to snorkel, had a bad experince snorkeling before so i let her be. she said she'll do some exploring.

jao picked the dive site which is gato island. it was around 45 minutes from the beach and while on the boat, the dm was briefing/ refreshing me on the dive stuff i need to remember later. upon reaching the island, we geared up and started my check-up dive. the dm checked if i still know how to clear my mask, equalize, recover my regulator and other basics.

he signalled after some minutes that i am ready and i should follow him and jao, our first sighting was a cuttlefish couple. they were quite big, about the size of my hand and very cute. we saw some fish i could not identify and then the dm started to put his right hand on his forehead like a salute but pointing upwards. jao did the same and started pointing at me, i didnt know what that hand signal meant but i assumed its a warning to be careful that i might hit my head. i followed the dm and he gestured me to swim closer to what seemed a hole on the wall, he then pointed his flashlight inside it. inside were 3 white tip sharks sleeping! weee! we also saw a solitary white tip shark swimming in open, we just stayed on our spot and let him swim his slow swim.

everything after that was a breeze, we got back on the boat and then i started to feel very dizzy and nauseous. i think i slept for an hour, ate the boatmen's leftover lunch and then i was ready for the second dive. second dive was almost the same, jao reckons we saw the same cuttlefish and sharks but we also saw some nudibranch, lionfish, seasnakes and a seahorse.

we were already tired by the time we got back on the resort. we had our dinner again at ging ging's (no more pesty flies by the way), and just stayed on the beach for awhile lying under the stars.

Day 3
we rented habal-habal or motorbikes to take us around the island. the plan was to see the lighthouse which required a little bit of trekking. it was fun taking pictures with the lighthouse, we were jumping all over the place. the island was very small, the habal-habal was able to take us around in 2 hours.

we tried to look for dive shirts but with no luck, and then it was already checkout time. 2 days and 2 nights is just too short really, someday i'll come back for those thresher sharks.

sleeping white tip sharks*

how to get there:
from mactan airport, take a cab to north bound terminal. take the bus bound for 'maya bagay' (P60) which took us almost 5 hours. from maya, take the pump boat to malapascua (P40).

where to stay:
we stayed at cocobana beach resort. P2000 for a beach front bungalow with free breakfast for 4 people on a low season

dive shop:
dan's dive, cheapest dive on the island. it cost me P3060 for 1 check-up dive and 2 open water dive + environmental fee and additional fuel charge. (P1175 per dive)

more photos on my smugmug

* the sleeping white tip sharks photo is from

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sava Sprints

spc men's crew sa boat 3. sava sprints - 15-16 sept 2007

sabi ko sa sarili ko, matapos lang ang sava sprints ay magre-retire na ako sa pagpa paddle. parang nagsasawa na kase ako, gusto ko naman mag concentrate sa ibang bagay. kung ano ang bagay na yun, di pa talaga ako sigurado. pero ngayong tapos na ang sava, naisip ko isa pa kayanga karera - talagang last na.

spc mixed crew. first heat namin ito, umabot kami sa semis at plate finals. ako yung nasa 3rd seat sa kanan.

syempre dumating sina neil at joe para sumuporta :)

sumali rin pala ang pnp team. nakuha nga nila ang gold sa 200m at 500m. hanep! (naka-gold din pala ang women's team ng aqua fortis ng pinas)

habang naghihintay kami ng table sa hawker sa khatib para sa post-race dinner. dami na naming pinoy sa team, mahigit 10 na yata.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


madaling-araw. bigla na lang akong naalimpungatan ng may parang narinig akong kakaibang ingay. nagulat na lamang ako na bukas ang ilaw ng kwarto ko, di ko gawaing iwanang bukas ito habang natutulog. naisip ko na lang na marahil antok na antok na ako kagabi kaya di ko na napatay ang ilaw. papatayin ko na sana ang ilaw ng mapansin kong bukas din pati ang ilaw sa balkonahe. di ako makapaniwalang pati ilaw ng balkonahe ay naiwan kong buhay magdamag. medyo natakot na ako ng makita kong bukas ang heater ng banyo ko... at narining na bukas ang shower sa loob. di ko maalala kung ano ang nangyari ng nakaraaang gabi at lahat ay naiwan kong nakabukas. kinakabahan akong binuksan ang pinto ng banyo para isara ang shower nang marinig ko na may sumigaw mula sa loob "Huwag lala! Huwag!". naguluhan na lang ako ng makita si auggie na hirap na hirap takpan ang hubad na sarili sa likod ng shower curtain. dun ako natauhan at natawa nang sobra. si auggie ay bisita ko mula sa pinas at oo nga pala nakikitulog sya sa akin ng ilang gabi. di kase ako sanay na may kasama sa kwarto. sori ako ng sori kay auggie, sabi ko na lang wag sya mag-alala at wala akong suot na contact lens kaya di ko sya masyado nakita. sayang!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


pauwi na kami ni n galing ng wild wild wet ng may makasalubong kaming mga teenager na naka costume. malayo pa naman ang halloween pero talagang seryoso ang mga costume ng mga kabataang ito, mukhang pinag-isipan at pinagkagastusan.

cosplay daw pala, ang cosplay na hango sa english words na "costume" at "roleplay" ay nagmula sa japan - kaya pala ang mga costume nila ay kinopya mula sa mga anime at manga.

ako at isang character mula sa Naruto

si Gaara mula sa Naruto pa rin

sari-saring anime characters

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2007

photos from last weekend's SDBF 2007 held at Bedok Reservoir. SPC mixed crew won the 3rd place for National Championships Mixed Category.
More photos on my Smugmug

Friday, June 29, 2007


pyros chics with coach dati at the hk international dragon boat race last june 23-24

byahe pa!

nakuha ko ito kay jao, na galing kay orly na nakita nya sa blog ni sym. ang dami-dami ko pang di napupuntahan sa pilipinas! di pa nga ako napapadpad sa mindanao. wish ko lang na ang score kong C+ ay maging A+ sa mga darating na panahon :)

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HK International Dragonboat Race 2007

Pyros Men's boat(boat 3) during the semi-finals of HK International Dragonboat race last weekend (June 23-24)

Pyros chics doing the big buddha(Tian Tan in Lantau Island) impression while waiting for our next heat.

And by the way, we won the 3rd place for the mixed category in Silver Championships. Pyros Fight! Pyros Win! :)

More pictures on my Smugmug account.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


UOB Ultimate DragonTug Showdown on Boat Quay last May 20*

This is the event info I got from from

100 tug of war matches. 70+ teams. 12 crew each. You sprint, come within 1 meter of the target, than tug your way to victory. Power wins.

A dragon boat regatta with a super-charged adrenalin twist. Two teams, head to head in 12-crew boats. At push-off, the sprint begins. Where both teams are evenly matched, both reach within approximately 1 meter of the Victory Flag, restrained by the tough cable that links both boats. The ultimate tug of war begins. The winner tugs ahead and claims the Victory Flag. Round Robin, Knockouts, Semi Finals, Finals. Are you the Ultimate DragonTug Champion?

Both our men's and women's team won 3 heats apiece but we lost during the semis(huhu). The race was very interesting and fun though, especially when the common cable gets restrained and everybody is yanked on the boat. Some boats even capsized hehe. I'm still uploading the pictures so stay tuned :)

* above photo taken by N. (SPC Girls versus Germany)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tagged by Sherwin

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I suffer from motion sickness when I travel by airplane, boat, and sometimes even by bus.
2. Whenever I leave the house, I must bring these 2 things with me - a lipbalm and a tigerbalm.
3. When I was in gradeschool, a fortuneteller told my father that one of his children will get pregnant at a young age. Can you guess who my parents suspected among their 4 daughters? Me. Poor old innocent Lala. (And yes ofcourse, the fortuneteller was wrong.)
4. I have worn braces thrice in my life. My teeth relapsed everytime the braces were removed. So now I still have a crooked set of teeth.
5. I don't drink soft drinks. My parents didn't let us have soft drinks when we were kids. Now, my family are all soda drinkers except for me.
6. I want to travel the world.
7. And I want to have lots of babies. Maybe 3 girls, 2 boys will do. Hahaha

I am tagging: Beng, Aby, Sym, Shaui, Alan, Tiongks, Raz

Monday, April 16, 2007

leche flan

ang sikreto daw ng creamy at melts-in-your-mouth na leche flan ay low-heat cooking sabi ng housemate ko. ang recipe nga, nakapaskil na sa pinto ng ref namin.

Cel's** Leche Flan

1 tray eggs (egg yolk)
2 condensed milk
1 evap

1. combine ingredients
2. caramelize sugar in container
3. pour mixture to container
4. boil water in a large steamer
5. bring to a boil then place the container in steamer (45 minutes) low fire!
6. cook until mixture is firm (toothpick test)

** si cel ay barkada ng housemate ko

Thursday, April 12, 2007

i love my tut tut

kasalukuyan akong nasa meat section ng ntuc fair price sa tampines mall, abalang-abala sa pagpili ng beef na gagamitin sa iluluto kong bistek tagalog nang bigla na lamang humagikgik ng tawa itong si alan. sabay turo sa tshirt nitong ale - sabi kase sa likod ng shirt ay "i love my dodo. shiok! shiok!". ang dodo ay isang brand ng fish meats pero natawa rin syempre ako. nung ipaliwanag ko na ang shiok ay singlish para sa delicious. ayun, lalong lumakas ang tawa ng mokong. (salamat sa picture alan!)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the amazing splitty pants

a kid wearing an open crotch pants or 'kai dang ku'. the kid only has to squat down and he can pee anytime and almost anywhere.
(tiananmen square, beijing)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

dragonboat muli

Some of our pictures during the MR 500 race held at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park last March 17-18. Our men's team won the open plate finals, and the mixed team almost made it.

photos taken by bryan, glenn & n. Link to more photos

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

bumigay na rin ako. panget na kase talaga sya e. at sa tingin ko kaya ako lalong nale late sa umaga ay dahil sa kanya. kaya kanina nagpagupit na ako ng buhok dito sa gapor. biruin mo yun? magda dalawang taon na ko dito pero eto - first time! bukod kase sa pagkamahal-mahal ay wala akong tiwala sa paggupit nila. dami kase akong naririnig na horror stories kaya talagang sa pinas pa ako nagpapagupit o sa officemate kong pinay na marunong maggupit.

nagpunta ako sa jean yip group - 21 dolas(693 pesos) daw ang gupit regardless of length. mahaba na ang buhok ko at gusto ko sana i-trim ng mga 2 inches. mabilis lang sila naggupit - parang razor ang ginamit pang cut at pagkatapos saka inayos ng gunting. tinanong sa akin kung ok daw i-wash ang hair ko at umoo naman ako. nagulat na lang ako ng shina-shampoohan na ang buhok ko habang nakaupo pa ako sa harap ng salamin. hmmm... masarap sya sa totoo lang kase minamasahe nya ang scalp pero kakaiba di ba? sa kanto kase ng binakayan(sa probinsya namin), shampoo muna ang unang gagawin saka ka gugupitan.

iniisip ko pa kung paano nya babanlawan ang buhok ko nang sinenyasan nya na akong tumayo papunta sa sink. matapos ang napakatagal na blowdry at konting ayos pa sa buhok ko, binigay na sa akin ang bill. 35.90 dolas(1112 pesos) ang nakasulat! nagbayad muna ako saka ko tinanong yung kanino nag a apply yung 21 dolas na gupit. 21 daw kapag haircut lang pero dahil umoo ako sa shampoo at blowdry kaya napamahal. oo kase ako ng oo hehe. di naman talaga sya mahal kung iisipin mong sa singapore ka nagtatrabaho pero syet 40 pesos lang ang gupit sa kanto ng binakayan.

pero masaya pa rin ako. sigurado ako di na ako male late nito sa umaga

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An old man waiting for the gates of Forbidden City to open. I love the bamboo pattern on his jacket, the newsboy cap, the dirty fingernails, and the wrinkles on his face. Too bad I was too shy to ask for a photograph so all I had were a few sneaky ones, I think he noticed me though.

Friday, January 26, 2007


uwing-uwi na sana ko. kakatapos ko lang mag-shower matapos ang 90 minutes na hot yoga session. nakuha ko na ang bag ko sa locker, nakabihis na rin at nakasuklay. ok na sana lahat pero parang di ko mahanap ang tsinelas ko. wala naman sa shoerack, wala rin sa mga dressing room. paano ako uuwi ng nakayapak? medyo naiiyak na ako nung lumapit sa receptionist para magpatulong, pero di pa rin namin makita. lintek! may pumitik sa tsinelas ko! sorry ng sorry yung teacher ko, first-time daw na nangyari ito. imposible namang may kapareha ako ng tsinelas - galing liliw laguna pa yun. gawa sa rattan, kulay aqua at napapalamutian ng mga beads na kahoy. 180 pesos ang kuha ko dun, murang-mura kahit di ako pinatawad ng tindera - pag kinonvert mo sa singapore dollars ay 6 dolas lang pero ayun nanakaw pa rin. umuwi tuloy ako ng suot ang spare na tsinelas ng studio, obvious na hiram ko lang dahil ang laki sa kin.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ang plano talaga ay bisitahin sa bulacan si don(si don ay bagong opera). pero di namin sya makontak at medyo hapon na rin kaya nagpasya na lang kami na magpa-spa. nakarma yata kami kase napagod lang kami kakahanap ng spa sa glorietta at greenbelt ngunit fully booked lahat. pinagmeryenda na lang kami ni augs sa pancake house (pasikat kay trix)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

pasko sa pinas

ngayong taon na ito, sa pinas ako nagpasko. yeba! 10 days lang, bitin pero sulit na rin. ang importante nakasama ko ang pamilya at mga kaibigan. eto yung mga pictures/mga ginawa namin:

1. noche buena
syempre di mawawala ang walang kakupas-kupas na exchange gift. at tuwing pasko, sigurado na may matatanggap akong panties hehe. eto nga bigay ni bonch ay veronica at betty panties. ang cute!

2. dinner with svi batchmates
madami sa amin, may anak na o asawa na. pati si bogs na dating bading, may gf na rin. (buti na lang di alam ni bogs ang blog ko)

3. asalto ni jao
sarap ng handa! ang totoo nyan para sa akin talaga yung handaan, nagkataon lang na birthday din ni jao hehe

4. breakfast with nanz
si nanz ang pinakamalapit na kaibigan ko nung college. ngayon may baby na sya! ako ay ninang sa taba-tabang si nicholas

5. enterworks
tuwing uuwi ang mga ex-enterworks sa pinas, given na na dadaan kami sa enterworks. eto naglunch kami with tiongks, sayang wala si don at raz.

6. liliw!
eto ang bakasyunan naming mga barkada. liliw - ang bayang mapang-aliw :). malamig ang klima, masarap ang pagkain, maganda ang architecture, mabait ang mga tao, at higit sa lahat - sangkatutak ang mga tsinelas!

pagdating ng gabi, walang sawang videoke at poker!

7. bagong taon
iba talaga ang bagong taon sa pinas - mausok, maingay, masaya!

8. dentista, derma, masahe at foot spa
sinamantala ko na rin gawin ang lahat ng 'to habang nasa pinas. mura talaga at mas komportable akong pinoy ang dentista, derma, etc. at isa pa ay mura talaga e!

9. business class sa singapore air
minsan talaga akala mo malas, swerte pala. naubusan na kase ako ng tiket sa mga budget airlines pauwi sa pinas kaya ang nakuha ko na lang ay business class. san ka pa? :) sarap pala. yung mga stewardess - ina-address ko by my lastname. may champagne at dyaryo agad, pag-upo ko. pag take-off, singapore sling naman. sarap manood ng tv habang sine-serve ang lunch at di maubos na wine. may ice cream at coffee pa pagkatapos. sayang at 3 oras lang byahe pauwi ng pinas hehe.

10. ang mga text at tawag ni n. nasa us kase sya kasama ang pamilya. ng one month! buti na lang uuwi na sya next week :)

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