Friday, December 01, 2006

Day 1 & 2 - Macau

Yes, it might have the yummiest, creamiest, melt in your mouth egg tarts. And the ruins of the Church of St. Paul was very impressive whichever angle you look at it. And the Senado Square was quite charming, with all the old buildings surrounding it and the flowers in the windows and the big water fountain in the center of the town square. But it is not these things that remind of Macau. Not even the ubiquitous casinos and the fellow Filipino workers everywhere. It is the one night I spent in a small house-turned-hostel named Auguster's Lodge. We arrived on a weekend and we didn't have a reservation so Cath and I had to squeeze in on a single bed and share the room with 3 swiss guys. It wasn't that bad and we thought Raycee was the unluckier one because he didn't even have a bed - just a small, foldable mattress that they put up in another room. But the moment I opened the door to our room, the nasty odour almost knocked me out. The culprit was already sleeping with his stinky feet dangling from the upper deck of our bed, and his yucky shoes and socks were all over the floor. Haay. Surprisingly, we fell asleep quite easily but not before sniffing a good amount of tiger balm to drown the smell.

More pictures of our Macau trip here.

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